Friday, 30 December 2011

Style of the week

A new feature by Bows and pearls! (YAY) this is basically going to be a weekly post in which I get to decide the best celeb and possibly even a non celeb style of the week. For the first style of the week I chose Olivia Palermo. 
Olivia is well known for mixing high street fashion with designer and couture clothing, she's one of my inspiration because it goes to show its not how expensive an item is, it's how you wear it and how you style it up.
Pictured below she is wearing Kurt Geiger heels, A Hermes clutch and a Agnona cashmere blazer with Agnona wool pants. I like this look simply because she has put together so many pieces and she styled it up and overall the look is classy and sophisticated.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Just like a candy store...

Here is what  Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Yves Saint Laurent Make-up, says about it himself:“The gleam of an infinite profusion of dazzling fruit jellies, translucent raspberry and wild strawberry, mandarin orange, melon, mango and persimmon bring a gorgeous flush to the Yves Saint Laurent woman’s face. Her smile is as bright as shining sugared drops and syrups: shocking cherry, tangerine, grape and pomegranate, crystallized rose petals, mint and chocolate.”The star product of the collection is Vinyl Candy Palette, £39/ €55
It was inspired by the box of candies.You get a beautiful pink compact with golden YSl logo with four shades inside:
2 pearly eye shadows: luminous raspberry and lilac subtly infused with pearly pigments.
2 satiny eye shadows: blackcurrant and rose petals play up the magic of chiaroscuro.
Lloyd Simmond’s tip: “There are various ways to modulate the intensity of the color: with the brush, to diffuse a vaporous, smoky halo or with the foam applicator tip, to create a lustrous hue, or to mute the iridescent effect”.

To be honest i have never owned any YSL Make up products because of the prices but this collection might be truly worth every penny, This collection reminds me of all the Barry M colours put together. YSL is a brand of high quality and name. The colours remind of the good ol' days when going to sweet shops when I was little. It has been a while since any top brand has released bright and vibrant colours to their palettes and it was about time! Lately pastels and neutrals have been taking over the make up scene but now its time to step up the gear ^^

Peace and love

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

POST Boxing day sales

And so the shop i decided to visit was New look, I haven't shopped there for a while and i wanted to see if could pick up some worthy 'bargains' but nothing caught my eye, was all the usual basics e.g. tees, dresses, trousers, cardigans and coats that were similar to what i had purchased in H&M. However what did catch my eye was the non sale items especially the shoes... woah the shoes! the colours and the overall construction of each piece. I did not purchase any clothes but i did purchase a OH SO CUTE vintage jewellery stand (pics are below) it was kinda necessary since my jewellery box started to over flow.

The loooooooooooong queue, couldn't fit the whole queue on my phone's camera

Woooo NON sale items

I am very happy with this purchase, instead of buying clothes i'll never wear it was ideal to buy this practical yet CUTE vintage jewellery stand item.

Was you able to find alot of clothes/items on Boxing day? or was you unable to find anything?

Peace and love

Monday, 26 December 2011

NEW Beauty products of Dec 2011

Welcome to the best new hand picked beauty products of this month, First we start off with a new eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown...
Onyx and silver eye paint palette £36 
I am loving the colours in this palette and you can easily create a smoky eye with these colours but add dimension too, You can use a dry brush to apply the colours or you can a dampened brush and experiment with the colours and brush strokes too.

Barry m lip paint in 149 £4.49.

Colourful lips in candied blue and green were all over the catwalk last season this is the new Barry M's quirky Lip Paint in dark, verdant green. Skeptics should rest assured that this moody hue is surprisingly wearable, making teeth looker whiter and brighter, whilst the viridian-coloured pigment looks perfect with dark smoky eyes. Fashion-forward? Go on, I dare you. 

Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation £10.99

Made with a trio of super-fruits, including Lychee, Goji and Pomegranate, this serum-based foundation is a revelation. The gel formula glides onto skin with a refreshing creaminess as the serum effortlessly melts into skin, creating a uniform, matte and revitalized complexion. Plus, with radiance boosting pigments and 16-hour guaranteed staying power, this wonder product easily peps up skin whilst still giving all-over coverage.
Available in six different shades at

Rimmel wake me up foundation £8.99

If you've had less than your allotted eight hours beauty sleep (hey, it happens), just glide on some of this smooth, cover-all formula for a fresh, dewy finish, complete with SPF15 to protect your skin. It even smells like freshly-laundered sheets: perfect! Available from 25th January nationwide.

Chanel perfection lumiere £36

Chanel have done it again with their latest Lumière release: Perfection Lumière. With 23 shades (their biggest range to date), you'll find the perfect match for your skin tone. The spring/summer catwalks were all about luminous skin and a crystal-clear complexion, and a picture-perfect foundation is a good place to start. The dreamy, light-weight formula melts into your skin on application giving a coverage that is complete but appears sheer. Available nationwide from 13th January.

Worthy of purchasing? or will you give these a miss?

Peace and love

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Review of Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner


RRP £5.29 

I had to rave about this product from Rimmel simply because i have tried many eyeliners and this is one of my favourites. Ok, so it might not be pricey and a designer make but its practical and totally worth every penny.

One of the reasons as to why i like this product is because of the size of the brush, rarely you will make a mistake when using the eyeliner and creating those 'Cat eyes' i would definately recommend this product as if you would have an issue with this product because it is due to the skill of the user and not just the price tag... The eyeliner doesn't smudge easily too which is obviously ideal for any one even though the price is cheap this eyeliner has the same qualities of an expensive one that includes a deep colour, long lasting properties and added definition from the brush. 

My review for this product is...
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10

Tried it out? and was satisfied with the results? or would you prefer a more expensive product?

Peace and love

Thursday, 22 December 2011

VINTAGE pillbox

an old collectable.. decorated by hand painted flowers, porcelain and gold rims.

This was bought at a vintage fair in Wolverton,Milton keynes and i have to admit i fell in love with it instantly, I guess in the olden days these kind of boxes were used to keep pills, nowadays pill boxes have been contructed in a organised manner with the days labelled and cheap plastic but nothing beats these vintage pill boxes. I like to keep my earrings in em :D This costed me £12.50... (yeah well.. it was apparent) 

here are some other images of Vintage pill boxes...

Ever considered purchasing one?

Peace and love

Monday, 19 December 2011

Avon quad eyeshadow VS Chanel les 4 ombres eyeshadow


Avon have just released a quad eyeshadow and renovated the design, but doesn't the design look familiar? I was looking through the catalogues of avon and i was shocked to see that even the colour schemes are similar to the Chanel compacts. I had to get a compact to test it out and see if if was worth the hype and money. 



Without flash

With flash

Well, there's nothing special to rave about these Avon compacts. The colour and pigmentation was too light for my liking and the colours appeared to be more chalky. The design and the colours of the Avon compacts do look tempting to buy but stick to trusted brands, Chanel never disappoints and it is by far the winner. The colours from the Avon compact needed reapplying to even be seen in the camera lens and as far as longevity is concerned wouldn't last longer either. I would not recommend buying these compacts , do not be fooled by the fancy graphics used in the catalogue because it will only tempt you more (worked on me :( I have also carried out research about this compact and it is not only me who was disappointed there were many customers who expected so much but got only little.

My review for this product
PRODUCT : 1/10

TEXTURE : 1/10

Tell me your opinions on this compact, have you purchased it and liked it or was you disappointed too?

Peace and love

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Upcoming CHANEL make up line for Spring 2012.


Name of collection: Les Harmonies de printemps.
About the collection: Delicate and accentuates a woman’s natural beauty. The collection features many soft pinks and peaches with some notes of deeper color like garnet and plum. “Les Harmonies de Printemps” will be in stores early 2012 in late January/early February. The collection is very pretty and is perfect for spring and summer when makeup tends to be lighter and more natural. The Chanel spring collection has definitely captured the colours and the essence of spring, When you think of spring you automatically think of light pinks, peaches and possibly green (green is not used in the collection however). Every season collection from Chanel NEVER disappoints.

Take a peek...

One of my favourite products from this line is the blusher, it is limited edition and in one compact, five pink and peach tones mimic the luminous hues of sunset. This unique powder blush lends itself to multiple effects: blended together, the harmony is ideal for sculpting and accentuating the natural contours of the face. Using just the pink shades creates a fresh, youthful flush, while on their own, the peach tones produce a warm, sun-bronzed glow.
The colors may look a bit intense in the pan, while blended together, it looks a lot more natural with a hint of glow. The love at first sight sure did not disappoint. These soft peachy pink colors really tell us that Spring is coming. Here's an exclusive swatch of the blush the first pic is showing all the colours on it own (so vibrant!) and the second pic is showing all the colours blended together. I think the colour is spot on because it is not dark or harsh in any way and it gives a subtle shimmer too! (bonus!)

Images courtesy of google...  I will OWN one soon.. Can't wait

Peace and love

Friday, 16 December 2011

Avon Arabian glow bronzing pearls. MY REVIEW.


with flash

without flash

Bronzing can take a while to master because you can be too orange but this product leaves a very natural, non-orange glow and it is done with less effort too. The packaging is big (Though not fancy but very practical) enough to contain the pearls when using a kabuki brush. when travelling the sponge keeps the pearls from getting damaged-perfect if you carry make up in your handbag, although i haven't found the need to top-up throughout the day as the powder stays on well. a good purchase. This is PERFECT as you can build the colour up from a light touch to full-on beach goddess without it ever going orange. It has a really natural finish - not too glittery or metallic as some bronzers I've tried are - and it looks great applied with a large brush on the temples, cheeks and bridge of the nose just to warm the skin tone. There's no need for foundation because they will absolutely cover imperfection.
I apply them with "All over face brush" also by Avon because it`s all about time saving sometimes and it covers big areas in a few seconds.
The price of this product is £9.00 which is fairly priced :)

My review for this product is...
PRODUCT : 9.5/10
TEXTURE : 9/10

Are you a fan of Avon pearls or would you prefer another brand?

Peace and love