Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Whats in your bag? celeb edition

Have you always wandered what do celebs carry in their bag? Here i have selected some of my favorite celebs and found out what they carry. My first celeb i chose was Whitney port. Whitney is a multitalented person, she is an author, designer and a television personality. 

Lena Erziak Small Paul bag in Brown Pony Hair
Forever 21 Glitter Cosmetic Bag
Miu Miu Zip Wallet  
Filofax Lizard Personal Organizer
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess
Trish McEvoy 3 Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers Eau de Toilette Spray
NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm
Jao Hand Refresher
Orbit gum
Snacks e.g. apple/nuts/sweets

The next celeb is Lauren Conrad, she is another multitalented person i look up to. She is a television personality, author and fashion designer and another thing i found out (hush hush) is that she is releasing 
a perfume out next year. i know i will definitely be buying it. 

Rebecca minkoff bag 
Vintage chanel clutch
aquaphor ointment (used as an all around salve)
mini toothbrush complete with mini toothpaste (cute eh?)
snacks e.g. almonds, carrots
pen and diary
alice band 
mason pearson brush
pastel pink nail varnish 

The next celeb is Audrina Patridge she is also multi talented just like the above two, she is a television personality, actress and model. 

YSL make up bag
viktor and rolf flowerbomb perfume 
batiste dry shampoo
snacks (for her yorkie) lol 
chewing gum
spare jewellery (necklace, bangles, earrings)
make up which includes the brands Nars and chanel

I will dig around more to find out what is in other celebs bags in another post :) 

Peace and love

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes

This is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes, it is from the brand Kryolan. some of you may of heard of this brand, i didn't until i started my theatrical and media make up course at college. The eyeshadows vary from neutral colours to bright colours. This is called the Viva brilliant colour medley and it is worth nearly £80. Kryolan is a professional brand that is used in film, theatre and television. This palette was included in my huge kit from college (whole kit from supplied from kryolan) i will also review the other products in another post.
These colours can be used on eyes, face and body (versatile!) they can also be used dry or with a dampened brush or sponge and to top it off each colour contains pearlescent mica pigments which gives a pearl like shine and pigmented colour. I did like all the colours due to the pigments and shine but you can enhance them more by using a primer. Overall this palette is a must for any make up artist. (Its in my kit too!) 

Have you ever tried the Kryolan brand before?

Peace and love

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Vintage book - Every woman's luck book

During a visit to the library i found this book and the design caught my eye. This book is actually about a 1930s perspective on MEN. The book answers these main five questions. Do you need a man? what does the future hold for you? would you like to control your destiny? what do men really think? and can you change your luck?
I found this book interesting because it shows a typical woman in the 1930s and how she would think towards men. i also found the vintage images very intriguing. the book also has quizzes and little games for you to try out. It even has images to tell your fortune! (from tea leaves) I don't believe in this but it was interesting to see. They also have included and interesting poem on wedding dresses and how to choose a colour for your wedding i thought this was hilarious because surely no colour can affect your fate. Here are some snapshots of the book.

Here is that poem i mentioned earlier about wedding dresses.
Married in white, you have chosen aright.
Married in green, ashamed to be seen.
Married in grey, you will go far away.
Married in red, you will wish yourself dead.
Married in blue, love ever true.
Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow.
Married in black, you will wish yourself back.
Married in pink, your spirits will sink.
Married in brown, you'll live out of town.
Married in pearl, you'll live in a whirl.

I would definitely recommend this fine yet hilarious read. You might not even put the book down. till you reach the end :p

Saturday, 26 November 2011


The first vintage item i own is the NO7 eyeshadow palette. it has a cute design and has two compartments as to where the eyeshadow is. There are three colours in this palette the first colour is a mint green, the second colour is a lilac and in the secret compartment there is a midnight blue.

No7 is another brand that do sell quality make up but this is the only item i have of NO7. The pigments of each colour is dark enough so you don't need to keep on re applying the same colour but for added longevity use a primer beforehand.
This is from an old spring collection 

stay tuned for many more vintage shout outs...

Peace and love

Friday, 25 November 2011

George by asda eyeliners

OK i know what you might be thinking why asda cosmetics? It is fun to experiment with different brands cheap or pricey.
so the two colours i picked up was alien (teal with intensive amount of glitter) and the gold (metallic shine) price range £2 - £3 I become such a magpie when it come to glittery and shiny things :D here are the snapshots of the products :)

I was surprised by how good the quality was because both the eyeliners had a looooooooong durability, both colours had great colour and shine. My favorite was the shade alien because i happened to like that colour,the quality was up to a high standard and i wore it to a wedding and lasted the whole day without wearing off. I would definitely recommend this product because it met all of my criteria.

Feel free to add comments, would you ever buy cosmetics that were cheap or would you stick to trusted brands?

Peace and love

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vintage floral nails

The actual print that inspired me
My first attempt in nail art and so i chose this print, The vintage floral nail is becoming a popular nail art and so i thought of giving it a shot. Read on for my easy step by step tutorial.
examples of others nail art. you can play around with other colours it doesn't have to always be a traditional pink, here you can see elements of purple and red (see below image)

Step one:
always apply a basecoat before attempting any nail art and also painting your nails in general, this prevents the nail colour from staining the nail.

Step two:
apply a pastel colour for the background ideally blues or greens, it is entirely up to you. i used the shade 304 mint green from Barry m. i applied two coats to give a strong colour.

Step three:
using a darker pink i used french pink from my manicure kit, create random dots on the nail, i used a bobby pin to replace the dotting tool. I quite like this design too lol but this isn't the look we was going for. Pastel greens compliment pinks.

Step four:
Using a lighter colour (i used Nails inc in Elizabeth street) to highlight some of the petals (around the petals) like so. I also used the bobby pin for this. It was a bit fiddly but it is achievable.

Step five:
using a darker colour add tones to the petals. I used a mauve colour also from Nails inc called Jermyn street. Using a bobby pin apply strokes of this colour within the flower like so.

Step six:
Use a dark green to make small leaves for each flower. i used the shade 65 meteorite from George. Use a bobby pin or a dotting tool to create the leaves like so.

Lastly, add a topcoat to protect the design and prevent early chipping. i used the George manicure varnish in the shade 17 starry eyed. This varnish gives a clear coat with subtle gold glitter. This is the finished look. For my first attempt i was pretty shocked as to how easy and achievable this look is.

Hope this tutorial has helped. Please feel free to leave comments. Rate it or hate it? 

Peace and love

New make up products November 2011

These are some of the new products out in the market this month. 
I haven't bought them but I thought of discussing each product and reviewing the product. 
The first product that is out. Bourjois sparkling effect smoky pencil in the shade sparkling granite (5.49 GBP) 
What i like about this nifty pencil is that it has two sides one sided being the pencil and the other side being a brush. When your finishing drawing the liner you simply flip the pencil over. I like 2 in 1 items just like this. I have bought many Bourjois items in the past and the quality is up to a high standard. You will never be disappointed with any of the products because the packaging is cute and the colours are high pigmented that gives easy application and you don't need to layer up on the colour.

Second new product that is out. Gareth Pugh for MAC cremesheen lipstick (shades ranges from muted tones to earthy tones, the one featured in the image is the shade called restrict. Each selling for 20.50 GBP)

This is basically a collaboration between MAC and a new British designer called Gareth Pugh. I must say i am loving the sophisticated packaging of the lipstick because it is sleek and geometric. There are shades for everyone which is good and it is also good if you wanted to be daring and try a new shade. The lipsticks have a subtle shimmer with golden tones. MAC definitely needs to do more collaborations as it is interesting to see the outcome of the product in terms of colours, shades and packaging.

Third new product that is out. Miners Mattefactor lip paint (shades ranging from deep red to cappuccino 3.99 GBP) 

I remember Miners being my favourite brand when i was younger but this product seems to be something il actually want to try and possible buy. These aren't lip glosses they are actually lipsticks but in a creamy formula that happens to be in a lip gloss packaging. It gives a matte effect rather then sheeny high gloss look. The colours look highly pigmented and  they moisture lips too! i would definitely buy this to try. bargain! 

Fourth new product that is out. Benefit Lash Lovelies (from 11.50 GBP)

These are the newly released fake lashes from Benefit. Benefit is popular brand because of its quality and cute vintage packaging. There are various styles to choose from e.g. shorter in length to a highly dramatic statement length. You can either have it applied in store or buy some glue (additional price of 7.50 GBP) and take it on the go.

Fifth new product that is out. Models own lipstick in coral (5.00 GBP)

Models own is another great brand with great prices, all the items are worth the money. Many of you may of heard good things about Models own (especially the nail varnishes).
The new lipstick range covers shades from bright corals to sultry blackcurrant. The lipsticks give a smooth and moisturised feeling to the lip and gives great colour. Needless do I say the colours are on trend and it won't hurt your bank balance.

Tell me what you think of these new products, were the products that were out this month great? or have you seen better months?

Peace and love