Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Comfy chic

So I thought of starting my Blog with my favourite fashion look. To see my ideal outfit, read on :) 
Lately I have been giving alot of attention on celebrities wearing this 'comfy chic look' (as i would call it) when at airports, running errands or out eating. It is one of my favourite looks because it gives the illusion of throwing clothes on and not caring about putting an outfit together. I have put together my version of the look of what i would wear. All the clothes are chosen from Topshop (obviously LOL) and the scarfs are from a new designer called Celia Birtwell. 
do check www.topshop.com and www.celiabirtwell.com

Stay tuned to see my favourite celebs strut their 'Comfy chic look' in the next post.
Peace & love

Topshop knitted jumper

Topshop khaki trousers collection

Celia Birtwell scarves

French sole flats

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