Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vintage floral nails

The actual print that inspired me
My first attempt in nail art and so i chose this print, The vintage floral nail is becoming a popular nail art and so i thought of giving it a shot. Read on for my easy step by step tutorial.
examples of others nail art. you can play around with other colours it doesn't have to always be a traditional pink, here you can see elements of purple and red (see below image)

Step one:
always apply a basecoat before attempting any nail art and also painting your nails in general, this prevents the nail colour from staining the nail.

Step two:
apply a pastel colour for the background ideally blues or greens, it is entirely up to you. i used the shade 304 mint green from Barry m. i applied two coats to give a strong colour.

Step three:
using a darker pink i used french pink from my manicure kit, create random dots on the nail, i used a bobby pin to replace the dotting tool. I quite like this design too lol but this isn't the look we was going for. Pastel greens compliment pinks.

Step four:
Using a lighter colour (i used Nails inc in Elizabeth street) to highlight some of the petals (around the petals) like so. I also used the bobby pin for this. It was a bit fiddly but it is achievable.

Step five:
using a darker colour add tones to the petals. I used a mauve colour also from Nails inc called Jermyn street. Using a bobby pin apply strokes of this colour within the flower like so.

Step six:
Use a dark green to make small leaves for each flower. i used the shade 65 meteorite from George. Use a bobby pin or a dotting tool to create the leaves like so.

Lastly, add a topcoat to protect the design and prevent early chipping. i used the George manicure varnish in the shade 17 starry eyed. This varnish gives a clear coat with subtle gold glitter. This is the finished look. For my first attempt i was pretty shocked as to how easy and achievable this look is.

Hope this tutorial has helped. Please feel free to leave comments. Rate it or hate it? 

Peace and love


  1. I love the print on the nails =) I also love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  2. Am glad you liked the vintage print (was my first ever attempt at it)I hope the tutorial helped you so you can give it a shot too! :) thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. Thanks audrey! :) this was my first ever attempt and even i was surprised lol, have you tried following my tutorial?

  4. cute! i love this :)this was really helpful.


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