Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kryolan eye and lip pencils

Majority of these pencils were included in my make up kit that i ordered but i ordered an extra two simply because i wanted to add these others to my collection and to build my kit up. I have had a good experience using the Kryolan brand simply because my whole kit did consist of it but i found these pencils to be a strong part of the kit and so i chose to post about these. 
The colours that were included in my kit was nude, white, medium red and the black/dark brown combo. I added the hot pink and forest green to my kit. 

Each colour has a high colour pigment and that is because each eye product has been prepared and formulated according to professional expectations and requirements. It also has fantastic skin tolerance, shows up to a superior quality on camera and has an exceptional quality. Each pencil can cost up to £4 depending where you buy it from, you can order it from Kryolan, other special effects make up retailers either in store or online and you can even purchase Kryolan make up from IMATS. IMATS is the biggest international make up artist trade show which takes place every year in countries like the UK, LA, Sydney,Toronto and even Vancouver. It is every make up artists dream to go there.... Sadly i couldn't go this year due to lack of enthusiasm as a group...I will definitely go another time.. 
These pencils are definitely worth the money because i think is covers all aspects of a good decent eye and lip pencil. I give these pencils a rating of 10 on 10.

Have you tried these pencils from Kryolan before? and what would be your verdict?

Peace and Love

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  1. These sound awesome! :) I've never tried anything by Kryolan. Will have to check 'em out!


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