Monday, 12 December 2011

Saffron eyeshadow palette - my review

Here is a palette of eyeshadow i used during training as a make up artist. This was an extra that i bought for my kit when shopping at a local market. Saffron isn't a well known brand but they do supply buyers and the cost is surprisingly cheap. I thought to give it a try and i was willing to take a risk.. whether the make up being high or low in price. The palette costed me £3.00 yes! only £3.00 :D

With flash, the eyeshadow on its own.

Without flash, eyeshadow on its own
You can see judging by how the colours are, they are very pigmented. For the price i was actually shocked because normally when you buy cheaper things they tend to not last long, colour and depth is very light. I was glad that i bought this palette because i now had more colours for my kit so i could produce even more eye looks. I bought this palette because the colours were screaming for attention especially the yellow! this palette has all the colours i could ever ask for. So the price and quality is up to high standard but wait.... i did a lil experiment... see below

Without flash, eyeshadow with eye primer

With flash, eyeshadow with eye primer

Here i used eye primer to test out the eyeshadows and to see what would happen to the depth of the colours. The eye primer has enhanced all of the colours by giving more intensity to the colours and it gave the eyeshadow a longer lasting stay because it did not smudge once when i tested it out. It can be removed by using eye make up remover. 
Overall this palette is great for experimenting, its inexpensive and there's a big range of colours (reminds me of them sleek make up palettes) i give this palette a rating of 10 on 10.

Have you ever tried the saffron brand?

Peace and love



  1. Wow! They look so vibrant & gorgeous. :) Never heard of this brand.

  2. Yeah they are! aren't they? I saw it while browsing through a local market.


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