Thursday, 22 December 2011

VINTAGE pillbox

an old collectable.. decorated by hand painted flowers, porcelain and gold rims.

This was bought at a vintage fair in Wolverton,Milton keynes and i have to admit i fell in love with it instantly, I guess in the olden days these kind of boxes were used to keep pills, nowadays pill boxes have been contructed in a organised manner with the days labelled and cheap plastic but nothing beats these vintage pill boxes. I like to keep my earrings in em :D This costed me £12.50... (yeah well.. it was apparent) 

here are some other images of Vintage pill boxes...

Ever considered purchasing one?

Peace and love


  1. This is such a cute way to store earrings, I never thought of it & I see these all the time at car boots!x

  2. yeah because not only does it look cute on a dressing table but its also handy for storing little things ^^

  3. Pretty items like these always catch my eye ^^


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