Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Arabic Perfumes

Arabic perfumes have always caught my attention, the great detailing on the bottles to the decor of gems and gold.
Arabic perfumes have always had such an extravagant bottle to hold the perfume in and the perfume is just as nice.
The creation of perfumes actually started in Egypt but it then was developed by the Romans and Arabs. These perfumes can both natural and/or synthetic aromatics.
Arabic perfumes can cost as little or it can be expensive too, obviously the more money you pay the more better quality the perfume will be and even the bottle would be just as extravagant. At the moment i do not own any Arabic perfumes but i shall be hoping to purchase some soon.

Current trend at h&m

As you can see, the current trend at h&m is a mish mash of trends put together, nothing new. Denims, pastels, stripes, brights and lace.
Though it is nice to see all the colours again, we all tend to go for dull and dark colours during the cold dark winters.
I did like a couple of pieces but nothing that particularly caught my attention. I wish that high street fashion was a bit more inventive... Just like vintage clothing because it will always be unique and one off pieces and not just a huge mass of man made clothes that nearly everyone will wear and have no individuality.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Marni for H&M accessories... first look

This is the first look of Marni's collaboration with H&M that will release in March (YAY) I checked out the clothes but to be honest i wasn't all that impressed and instead i liked and preferred the accessories.
Colours that are included. Brown, White, Parrot green, Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, Turquoise, and Tan. Basically there's alot of colour involved and lately i am not into any bright colours, Though its good to once in a while change one's palette.
Am loving the bags and the bracelets in this collection.

Images courtesy of Vogue.










Friday, 24 February 2012

My current favourite perfumes and reviews

My best ever perfume collection till date! Chloe by Chloe, Chanel N05 and Giorgio Armani's Armani code.
I'll first start talking about Chloe, This perfume has warm amber, honey and cedarwood notes blended with the aroma of roses. Housed in a vintage iconic glass bottle with a silver plated collar. This for me is the ultimate perfume because you just know this scent will become a part of you, Some people stick to their 'trademark' scent and this is definitely mine! I don't use alot because this scent seems to be on the heavy side so a couple of sprays would be enough.
Chanel N05... where do i begin? it's beyond a classic! has notes of a high floral scent and it is recommended as a evening wear, I have never ever worn this in the day time simply because of its slightly heavy notes and it just isnt the same when you wear it during the day. The notes are as follows: Top Notes Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Aldehydes, Middle Notes JasmineMayrose and the Base Notes Sandalwood, Vetiver. It is stated that this perfume is still a number one seller for over 80 years since it's release in 1921! Woah. How could i even complain about the bottle, its design is both classy and vintage and looks amazing on the dressing table, there is nothing but good qualities about this perfume.
Lastly Armani code... This perfume has also been my favourite for quite some time and i love the scent, The notes are as follows: Top Notes Bitter Orange, Italian Orange, Sambac Jasmine,Middle Notes Orange Blossom Absolute and the Base Notes Vanilla, Honey. This scent reminds me of a sweet shop and yet the perfume does not smell too citrusy and it remains to be a sophisticated scent. 
Though i only have 3 perfumes i am happy with the fact that these 3 are not similar to each other, it's good to have a perfume that matches your mood or having a signature scent.  

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I really wanna get this eyeliner.

It's that time again where am searching for a decent eyeliner to replace my old one and so while browsing the boots website i came across the Maxfactors liquid effect pencil (£6.99) and i read the reviews for this new eye pencil and it seems to be a hit with the public :) 
It is available in 6 colours but i will go for the original black. I do like maxfactor and i do have high expectations for this new eye pencil but there is only one way to find out.
I hope to purchase this soon, oh and it also has a smudger on the other side of the pencil so you can create a smoky eye effect or you can wear it the way you want to :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Make up clearout time

So yesterday i decided to sort out ALL of my make up and it took longer than expected. I needed to sort the make up out in sections and then on how often i use it. In the end i put all my make up that i use often in my leopard make up case and all my other make up that i use for special occasions in my Celia Birtwell vanity case e.g brightly coloured eyeshadows. I am hoping to buy a clear set of small plastic drawers to i can at least display my make up properly on my dressing table. I also sorted out my brushes too, i cleaned my brushes and kept them in a unused clear vase. I thought it looked abit boring so i added some random beads,sequins and pom poms from my kit (which i used to used for college), looks cool don't cha think? 

Here's how it looked and check out my make up organisation skills :p

Avon glazewear duo reflect lipgloss review

I recieved this Avon lipgloss as a gift, who was i to complain? i love collecting make up and i didn't have this shade of pink in my kit.
Though i wouldn't wear this for a daytime look because of its glittery and high shine properties (i tend to go for matte during the day).
I found the colour (pink flip) to be a gorgeous colour i could see the two tones of colour with a sprinkle of subtle glitter, this lipgloss had amazing shine and its definitely worth the price (£6)
The lipgloss wasn't sticky or felt tacky but just gave great shine and a great tip that i found with these lipglosses is that you can add this shine over your lipsticks to add some definition :)
But the only thing that lets me down is the applicator because the tip of it seems hard so am not thrilled about that but otherwise this lipgloss gives great SHINE, COLOUR and TEXTURE. I suppose you could use a lip brush to apply the product instead...

My Review for this product

PRODUCT : 8/10
TEXTURE : 9/10

Monday, 20 February 2012

Forever 21- accessories

Here are a couple of snaps of the Forever 21 accessories floor, i am loving how they display jewellery, using vintagey themes to display jewellery is not only clever but makes the shopping experience a more exciting thing, everything is black and white (i love monochromatic looks too!) unfortunately i didn't buy anything i was just looking around, i was more amazed at the deco than the actual jewellery.