Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bows and Pearls celebrates it's 100th blog post!!!

WOWEE! reached a hundred posts already! I want to thank all my followers (new followers too!) everyone who has liked my official Bows and Pearls page and to my followers on my new official Bows and Pearls twitter page!
This was something i started doing in my spare time but i didn't think it would get popular, average 100+ hits a day all over the world! as shown on my stats page.
I hope everyone still continues to like my blog and show support wherever! this was something so small but i can see that it will turn into something very big! (inshALLAH)
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts everyday because it goes to show am not putting in so much effort for nothing.
All i need now is more followers!
Here are the links to my twitter and facebook page:

Stay tuned for more make up, jewellery,hair,vintage,fashion,reviews and tutorial posts.

Peace and love

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