Friday, 2 March 2012

The new Batiste dry shampoo in cherry!! my review

I was sent this new cherry Batiste dry shampoo to test out and see how it is :) (thanks lisa!) If you ask every girl about Batiste am sure they will know its dry shampoo and one of the best selling in stores. I used to love the tropical one but now i have a new favourite!
The actual dry shampoo does actually smell of fresh ripe cherries... it does leave a scent on your hair too, which is a good thing!
I love the vintagey feel to the packaging, i think they should retro-fy all their dry shampoos.
The actual spray can i practical and it does what it says on the can.
I wasn't expecting a full size can of the product but it's great to try out new products and see how they work.
This dry shampoo is really simple to use, shake the can before use, spray from a slight distance and leave the product in your hair for some seconds to a minute and then massage the product it, once it is done then simply brush it out of your hair... You will then notice the oils from your hair have disappeared this is because the dry shampoo has absorbed all of the grease and has left your hair with volume and the sweet smell of cherries (or whatever scent you bought from the range)

My review for this product.

PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10

I definitely recommend this product!

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