Sunday, 8 April 2012

Consultation with L'Occitane 5/4/12

I was so excited for this for over a week!!! Tina was my consultant for the consultation and she did a very good job.
As well as using alot of skincare products she also explained them thoroughly and gave me tips too.
First she used a ultra comforting cleansing milk and fresh face water toner to get rid of traces of make up and to provide a clean canvas for the upcoming skincare products.
A brightening instant exfoliator was used (the samples which i used before hand and loved) and then a brightening moisture cream was used to give my skin the moisture that was taken away when the exfoliator was used.
A Brightening shield and a Brightening essence was used to Finish off my skin and to brighten my complexion as well as even out the skin tone.
At the end of the consultation my skin felt renewed, smooth and my complexion glowed as if it was a 100 watt light bulb.
I used the whole Brightening range and loved each product, Though i have never used L'Occitane before their skincare products do actually work and i was not disappointed at all.
I would really recommend their products since they have certain skincare ranges for certain skin types.

Tina was so kind to give me a goody bag filled with samples to try out ^^


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