Thursday, 19 April 2012

Human Fundamentalism by Illamasqua

Images courtesy of Illamasqua and Google

This is the latest collection by Illamasqua and i am loving the outrageousness!
This collection is all about expressing yourself and how you would portray your personality, judging by the colour palette am guessing an outgoing, confident and outspoken individual.
It states on the website that " Human fundamentalism is an explosion of your alter ego. It's becoming who you are not who you're told to be. We stand for freedom of expression, embracing our glorious imperfections and showing the world we're not ordinary but extraordinary, even if the society refuses to accept it."
I like how each collection has a deep meaning to it, Illamasqua is known for it's high quality and bizarre colour collections.
It's great to see collections like this in stores because it allows you to experiment with colour and express yourself truely. 
Seeing this collection made me want to purchase some products, i have never tried Illamasqua products before but i know they never fail to disappoint the public.

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