Monday, 9 April 2012

My mini wish list

For now i only have three things that i could possibly want and it has been a while since i treated myself to something nice, These are the three gorgeous products that i would like to have!
The first item is the DKNY ceramix two tone ladies watch, i am looking for a watch and i feel that this has an elegance to it and looks so vintagey and perfect for me.
The second item that i would like to purchase is the Chanel POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE natural finishing powder, i still haven't found a decent powder i could use without ever having to change it, and who would complain? it's Chanel!
The last item i would like to purchase is the Chanel JOUES CONTRASTE BLUSH preferably in the shade pink explosion, i used it once in a little consultation and the colour gave my complexion a glow and it suited my skin tone alot, it didn't look too bright either i just wanted a natural looking blush and also a good quality one too.

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