Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Violent lips - temporary lip tattoos

The South African flag!

Images courtesy of Google

These lip tattoos have been out for quite some time now and there has been a mixed reaction with the public, kind of a love/hate relationship.
At first when i saw these i thought how bizarre and a crazy idea to have patterned lips but now i think it's outrageously awesome! Violent lips have covered a vast range of patterns and designs... which includes animal print, floral print, patterns such as lace and polka dots, bedazzled look that has OTT glitter, different flags, with words and my fave the candy sprinkles look. The range of designs never seem to stop growing and the application is really easy to do, these last upto 4 to 8 hours and they are easy to remove too! just by using a baby wipe or baby oil with a cotton wool bud.
Currently some designs are being sold at Topshop, £1o for each pack, pack includes 3 tattoos.
Would you ever try these out?

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