Sunday, 3 June 2012

The best summer hairstyle in my opinion

Images courtesy of Google

Summer is here! (well we will wait till the temperature rises again) i feel that the side plait is THE best hairstyle to keep you cool during the warm days and possibly nights.
The side plait doesnt have to be boring you can also dress it up, add accessories.
I usually find that if my hair is in its normal wavy state then it looks better than having poker straight hair and having a plait.
I find that my layers makes the look messy but you can play around with the look.
I remember in the 90s having plaits in my childhood but rest assured the plait look has grown up and it can look good on anyone!


  1. Fishtail plaits looks best for side plait :D Thanks for following btw! <3

  2. i also agree on that shanee :) no probs i do like your blog! ^^


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