Friday, 29 June 2012

Body lishuss body butter - my review

I always review cosmetics so i thought let me start reviewing some skin care products too since these products are also important and are a part of our daily regime.
This body butter has a great creamy consistancy, rather on the thick side. This candy pink coloured body butter really nourishes the skin. My skin felt smooth and the scent is just amazing! hard to explain but it smells alot like candy necklaces, sherbert and fizzy sweets it definitely does NOT smell like cranberries. The only downside to this body butter is that i found it too heavy for my liking since am more into light weight lotions that hydrate my skin but I can honestly say that this may well be a dupe for The Body shop butters. The Body shop butters are sold for £12 each while this one is only for a £1... that's right! a pound. I actually bought this from pound land simply because I have not used a body butter before and you do not know if the product would be a win or a miss. for me this product is a win! I still cannot believe for a pound you get a great consistency, a lovely scent and it makes your skin feel hydrated and smooth. There are also other scents available and when I finish this product up I may well buy another.

My review for this product.

PRODUCT : 10/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10

I would recommend this product <3


  1. Oooh, thanks for a great review! Definitely going to check this out :) Lovely blog too! xx

  2. Great review, it sounds like an awsome product! :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  3. @ Joanna not a problem! thanks for reading and checking my blog out too! :)

  4. @ Ana thanks! it sure is :)

  5. Mhmm I love Body Butter! I'll have to try this out!
    I followed you, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it!

  6. lol thanks, it's worth a try :)

  7. such a great post! I will try it out :)

    follow each other?

  8. Thank you minnie! i shall check your blog out! :)

  9. Brilliant! I'm going to buy a few for my sisters and nieces.

  10. @Fredk i'm glad a managed to find a dupe to the body shop body butters :) i am sure you will love them too!


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