Saturday, 23 June 2012

Conquered the hair doughnut!

I always wondered how to use a hair doughnut and now i know thanks to You Tube! it's great sometimes to get all your hair out of your face. This looks great too because it can be a casual throw up hair look or a night out polished look.
You can purchase hair doughnuts in different colours to match your Hair colour (I bought mine in dark brown and for £1 at Primark). All you need to create a top bun is a hair doughnut that matches your hair colour, a comb to brush out any bumps and keep your hair looking neat, some kirby grips to pin up loose hairs (handy if you have layered hair) and some hairspray (optional)

If you would like me to do a picture tutorial on how to do this then comment below ^^


  1. Oooo love it! Really want to try one!

    shabna x x

  2. I love this hairstyle :)
    amazing post!!

  3. @ Shabna thank you! it's really easy and it looks great too ^^

  4. @ Bubble my licorice thank you! this was my second attempt lol

  5. Love you're blog, dear!
    I follow u :) A lot of kisses.

  6. @ Sara thank you so much, glad you like the blog :)


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