Monday, 25 June 2012

MUA lipstick review- shade 14 bare

I have been looking for a new everyday lipstick and i think i have found the one. This 'NEW' lipstick by MUA cosmetics is the ultimate subtle shade which is perfect if your looking for a natural day look. This shade doesn't make me look that 'dead' and it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation on my lips. Instead this is a very subtly peachy beige that tones down the natural pinkness of my lips. This was creamy to apply and it is not sticky at all. For this reason I think that shade 14 would wear longer than the other shades.
The smell of the product isn't unpleasant but it doesn't really smell of anything familiar either.Overall I am rather taken with this product, I tend to wear it often within the daytime and i can see myself having to purchase another in a few months time considering it's only £1 I feel I can use it as often as I wish! Though it is only costs a pound, i find that the qualities of this lipstick matches to other expensive branded lipsticks. If you are going to Superdrug i recommend that you purchase this!

My review for this product.

PRODUCT : 10/10 
TEXTURE : 10/10

I would recommend this product <3

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