Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nivea visage young tinted moisturiser review

I've finally gotten to a stage where I am happy with how my skin is looking. 
I no longer feel the need to always be wearing full foundation during every day. 
But I still do like a bit of light coverage if I am heading out somewhere.
Since it's getting into the warmer weather, I thought I'd finally give it a go.
So I picked up this Nivea Visage Young Be Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser.
The colour adapts to your natural skin tone and gives you an even and brighter complexion without clogging up your pores.
As well as giving you the coverage, because it's a moisturiser you get the added benefits of hydrated skin and protection from the sun.
I've read a fair few mixed reviews on this product, so I was a little hesitant,but I found it on sale so i thought to give it a shot, My skin tone does change due to changing seasons and i find that in the summer this product is well suited for me since i tan a bit but i steer clear from this during the colder months because i become fair again.
NOTE: There is one shade 'natural' and even for a natural shade the colour is quite dark so it is not suited for fairer skin tones. If your NC35 to NC45 Then this should work.  

My review for this product.
PRODUCT : 8/10
TEXTURE : 9/10


  1. nice,i'm also using nivea! it's so good :)

  2. Thank you iamprecious :) yeah it defo an alternative to wearing foundation.

  3. love the review wish this was in the states!

  4. Thanks Melissa :) Am sure you can order online :)


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