Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chanel inspired jewellery by Zoeybaby808 - My review

The packaging was sooo cute too, loved the look of this when i recieved it.
Zoeybaby808 is a lovely lil company on Etsy and the owner (Kimberly) sells high quality earrings,rings,decor pieces and phone cases that are so bedazzled, she uses genuine Swarovski crystals!
I was asked what i would like to review i could not pass up the earrings and rings. I am into monochromatics now so i chose the black and white combo on both of the jewellery pieces but there are other combinations like black and hot pink.
Both pieces are finished off to a highest standard and i like how you don't have to break the bank to wear these. The ring is selling for £4.95 ($7.50) and the earrings are £4.62 ($7.10)
Both the jewellery pieces has silver glitter which adds a nice touch. 
If your like me and you love accessories but you want something unique and not what everyone has then check out Zoeybaby808!

You can find Zoeybaby808 on Etsy, here is the link 
And also on Facebook!


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