Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just to let you know - limited posts

To all my lovely followers,
Some of you may know that the holy month of Ramadan is upon us and so i will be limiting the posts on my blog, It really depends i might do a post after two days or even a week. I have decided to dedicate more time to religion and less in worldly matters/things. If you want to keep updated then follow me on twitter am always posting tweets <3 @theycallme_zara 

blogging will properly resume around midweek in August. There are so many new exciting things to be looking forward to for B&P. I promise there will be more reviews, make up tutorials and interviews.

Thank you for your patience and thanks for all the compliments and love that i have been recieving for this blog.

Zara xx


  1. Your blog is amazing! I read through a bunch of your posts today and love everything. :)

    Just followed. Check out my blog too?

    Kendall & Tiana

  2. AWWW thanks, probably the best compliment i have recieved for my blog :D I have checked out your blog and followed back :) x

  3. i hope ramadam gose well for you one of my best friends dose this as well so best of luck xx

  4. Thank you for you kind wishes Elysa! :) Nearly half way through.


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