Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Kitsch heaven jewellery - my review

Lately i have been changing my perspective towards accessories and i am loving the whole 'rock' look and my clothing colour palette has changed too. Not as much colour but deeper shades and more black!
Kitsch heaven is the perfect place to get your accessories if your into the rock/grunge scene. I like how there's a specific colour range in the jewellery, blacks,pinks,purples,blues and golds.
I was sent a lil package but i was unaware of the contents, it's more fun that way because you don't know what to expect.
I received a necklace, earrings and two rings, each piece is unique and i especially love the 'bones' simply because it's handmade and it's unique. Something not many people would have but this is great for if you go through phases say one day boho and one day rock chick.The rings are nice too i do like glitter and the mickey mouse ring is my fave! I really love accessories and i find that if you are looking for something unique then definitely take a look at what kitsch heaven has to offer! When i tried all of the jewellery on it was comfortable, not heavy or in the way but it definitely will catch the eyes of the public and i can honestly say that lots of care has gone into creating each piece and the detailing is great! do not delay! check it out now... links are below :)
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  1. The cross ring is adorable! Handmade jewellery feels so much more personal, it's great to have something not many other people have! xx

  2. @ Ali thank you! i totally agree that it does feel more personal :)


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