Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I cannot live without this!

YES! its the Primark eyelash curlers (£1) my sister actually bought me these and insisted that i should use this. I have this fear that i cannot bring things close up to my eye, trust me if i didn't have this fear i would of been wearing hazel contact lenses by now.
I am loving these eyelash curlers because they are great for beginners, it's sturdy in grip and it definitely does curl each lash.
Though judging by the price some may think these curlers don't work or will break but it is not like that. Buying a Chanel eyelash curler to me isn't worth it after all don't they all do the same job?!
*tip* for an EXTREME curl i hold it for 20 seconds.

Who owns one of these bad boys and what's your experience with them?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Denman shower & massage brush - my review


The packaging states that this circular Denman Shower and Massage Brush is equipped with extra-soft plastic pins, which makes it ideal for distributing shampoo through the hair when showering, while simultaneously stimulating the scalp. And also excellent for distributing gels, waxes, oils and pomades evenly through shorter hair when dry.
I tried this the other day and it just didn't work for me... Maybe because i have long thick hair or maybe i didn't follow the instructions properly. The pins did not feel soft, it felt like effort. 
I do like the idea behind this lil brush because i do feel that when i shampoo it may not have been distributed properly and this brush would of ensured that the shampoo would of been used on each strand of hair. I do also like the fact that it massages the scalp but it didn't work for me.It maybe works for those of you who have short hair or thinner hair... i just felt like it knotted my hair instead of massaging and distributing shampoo :(
Such a shame! 
For those who have tried this please comment and let me know if you had a similar issue.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Percy and Reed dry conditioner - my review

*PR SAMPLE* RRP £12.00 for a full sized can.

We all know about and use dry shampoos but now more and more hair care brands are releasing dry conditioners too!
Its same in theory, it is used without water and it's handy for people who are in a rush or i duno a lazy day maybe?
It states that this dry conditioner has a light formula designed to leave hair healthy, soft and shiny without the need of water, while reducing damage to the hair from brushing. For best results spray 10cm away from your hair and apply evenly.
I thought to give this a whirl one day and i was worried that would this be able to tame the ends of my hair just like my regular conditioner and guess what?! it did!
After spraying the ends of my hair i brushed it so it would be distributed everywhere and it did not weigh my hair down, which was my first concern. Secondly it gave my hair a shine and it looked healthy too. The scent is ok but the actual product did work wonders.
I do think this is a great product because it doesnt leave any residue on the hair neither does it have a 'styling product feel'

For those who have not tried this conditioner be sure to try! after all we do not know unless we try :) 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tragus cuffs by Zy designs.

Came in this lil dinky pot :)

I was sent three assorted designs :) *The Fleur £11.69 The Ronin collection 'a curl' £11.69 and starlight crystal white Austrian Swarovski £16.23* 
Zy designs specialises in ear cuffs that are worn on the tragus part of your ear. It is said that tragus piercings are the most painful and can create infections so why go through all that when you can wear these lil wonders.
Each cuff has been made to the highest quality, How you say? well each cuff is sterling plated copper wire that has a non tarnish finish plus it is crafted and shaped to the highest standard. The cuffs also have a soft, cushy and non-allergenic coating that makes them grips just a bit more. The cushy bit of the coating allows you to wear it for a longer period of time without pain or discomfort.
I am very much into ear piercings but i am very much sure that i will not be getting my tragus pierced so this is great to wear, i can honestly say that it is comfortable to wear and the designs are simple, elegant and gives the illusion of a pierced tragus.

You can check out Zy designs here

On another slightly different note this is my 200th blog post!!! though it does not feel like it, i have been enjoying blogging very much and i hope you all are liking my blog! I would like to say hi to all my new and old followers and from today my blogging will resume so back to normal like before <3 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Chanel - my NEW kitten.

I would like to introduce my new kitten - Chanel. We got her just under a week ago and she really has added more happiness in my life. I have loved cats since i was little but i never had one because i was still growing up myself and being 21 and happily married i was now ready for this responsibility. I was thinking of adding a 'Chanel feature' once every month to the blog so i can update you on her progress and her mischievous ways! I am sure you will love it! and how about i add a lil caption on behalf of chanel for when i do a make up product review.I duno but stay tuned...

Hope you all have been keeping well, eid is just a week away so excited for that but i shall start to post normally like before soon :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Coley & gill summer berry candle review

I have started  my obsession with candles again and i was on the hunt for the ultimate candle. In Poundland they have a vast array of different scents and brands that i have never heard of (except the M&M one which will be my next purchase)
This candle is from Coley & gill (sounds rather posh) the packaging also intrigued me. Thought to give it a whirl. the price... £1. Judging by the price the quality of the candle could be very dissatisfying or it could be a one off wonder.
I quite like berries and so i was hoping that this would leave my room smelling like a fruit salad but it just gave a hint of berry coolness. 
Quite disappointed with this but i have heard that the Orange cinnamon from this brand is good.

Does anyone else have an obsession with candles? scented or unscented?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Random rambling: Time to get creative!

During my one week stay at my sisters house, i ended up bringing out the 'inner child' in me (blame my creative nephews) and i ended up buying this!
It has been a while since i last sketched a drawing or even make something, but hey! it's good to be creative.
There is this store called 'tiger' in south london and they sell art and crafts items to candles and the prices start from £1 rest assured the quality is way better than poundland.
I bought this 'how to make a necklace & earring kit' for only a £1! and the quality of the beads is amazing! All the products that they sell are from Germany so expect nothing but good quality.
The kit includes beads, string, a clasp and two head pins for if you want to make earrings! 
I am hoping to start making this soon then i shall upload a pic for you all to see (might be in my week in pics, which also needs to be uploaded asap)

I would also like to thank all of my new followers for the support and love that i have been receiving for this blog, i am glad you are loving my blog and i shall continue with my reviews,tutorials and random ramblings.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Willow tree minerals cosmetics - my review

Willow tree minerals is a lovely lil homemade cosmetics brand and I got the chance to review 3 of the products!
The first product i tried and swatched was the apricot glaze eyeshadow(£1.94 for a sample) and i gotta say that the eyeshadow felt more finely milled than the Barry m loose eyeshadows. The pigmentation is buildable but it is not heavily pigmented in one stroke.
The eyeliner is fantastic, it does NOT smudge at all which is what I always look for in eyeliners. I opted for the roasted coffee(£3.90 for a mini) since I tend to switch between black,brown and navy blue and the occasional glittered ones. The pigmentation is great, you do not need to build the colour up for this liner.
Lastly the natural lip balm in country peach (£1.64)it only has natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, almond oil and the smell does actually smell like peaches but the only thing I found to be a lil issue is that at first it was hard to apply because the texture seemed a bit waxy but rest assured there are no traces of petroleum which I HATE with a passion and my lips were left feeling soft and moisturised.
Overall I think Willow tree minerals is a good brand, I like how everything is handmade and the ingredients are all from natural sources and even the label has the 'home made' touch. 

You can find the range here.