Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Denman shower & massage brush - my review


The packaging states that this circular Denman Shower and Massage Brush is equipped with extra-soft plastic pins, which makes it ideal for distributing shampoo through the hair when showering, while simultaneously stimulating the scalp. And also excellent for distributing gels, waxes, oils and pomades evenly through shorter hair when dry.
I tried this the other day and it just didn't work for me... Maybe because i have long thick hair or maybe i didn't follow the instructions properly. The pins did not feel soft, it felt like effort. 
I do like the idea behind this lil brush because i do feel that when i shampoo it may not have been distributed properly and this brush would of ensured that the shampoo would of been used on each strand of hair. I do also like the fact that it massages the scalp but it didn't work for me.It maybe works for those of you who have short hair or thinner hair... i just felt like it knotted my hair instead of massaging and distributing shampoo :(
Such a shame! 
For those who have tried this please comment and let me know if you had a similar issue.


  1. I was just about to buy this brush the other day and I'm glad I didn't as I have thick, curly, long hair and I'm worried I would be wasting my money. Thanks for this great review!
    Georgia X

  2. @ Georgia, trust me i wouldn't buy this! aww no problemo :)


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