Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I cannot live without this!

YES! its the Primark eyelash curlers (£1) my sister actually bought me these and insisted that i should use this. I have this fear that i cannot bring things close up to my eye, trust me if i didn't have this fear i would of been wearing hazel contact lenses by now.
I am loving these eyelash curlers because they are great for beginners, it's sturdy in grip and it definitely does curl each lash.
Though judging by the price some may think these curlers don't work or will break but it is not like that. Buying a Chanel eyelash curler to me isn't worth it after all don't they all do the same job?!
*tip* for an EXTREME curl i hold it for 20 seconds.

Who owns one of these bad boys and what's your experience with them?


  1. I use these! Wouldn't change them for the world tbh, they're cheap and do the job just fine :)

    Laura x

  2. :D i know right! for the price it's great! ^^

  3. I've been looking at getting these for a while now but the price put me off, I was scared something cheap would rip my lashes out! God I'm a wimp! Thanks for the reassurance, I'll definitely be picking them up soon! Ali xxx

  4. @ Ali, No problemo :) trust me once you use em you won't be able to stop! lol these do not cause any damage to your eyelashes :)

  5. I have not tried these yet, but I like the look of the rubber bits and its a bargain for £1!

  6. @ Kim, you must! it is a great curler plus they give you an extra rubber bit which is a bonus! :)


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