Monday, 13 August 2012

Chanel - my NEW kitten.

I would like to introduce my new kitten - Chanel. We got her just under a week ago and she really has added more happiness in my life. I have loved cats since i was little but i never had one because i was still growing up myself and being 21 and happily married i was now ready for this responsibility. I was thinking of adding a 'Chanel feature' once every month to the blog so i can update you on her progress and her mischievous ways! I am sure you will love it! and how about i add a lil caption on behalf of chanel for when i do a make up product review.I duno but stay tuned...

Hope you all have been keeping well, eid is just a week away so excited for that but i shall start to post normally like before soon :)


  1. she's adorable! you know you got a good one when she can pull of pearls!

  2. Aww what an absolute cutie! I am cat obsessed (even have a tattoo!) I rescued a new one a few months ago and named her Ruby Woo, she's made my day to day life so much more enjoyable! Emily x

  3. @ Emily awww i couldn't agree more! they do bring happiness.

  4. This is possibly THE cutest thing I've ever seen! I bet she will be very mischievous, awwww :)

    I'm following your blog, and I'll look forward to your kitty updates :)

    Laura x

  5. @ Laura haha thank you very much, yes she is and very playful too ^^ haha thank you i shall be doing quite alot of updates very soon!


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