Monday, 27 August 2012

Percy and Reed dry conditioner - my review

*PR SAMPLE* RRP £12.00 for a full sized can.

We all know about and use dry shampoos but now more and more hair care brands are releasing dry conditioners too!
Its same in theory, it is used without water and it's handy for people who are in a rush or i duno a lazy day maybe?
It states that this dry conditioner has a light formula designed to leave hair healthy, soft and shiny without the need of water, while reducing damage to the hair from brushing. For best results spray 10cm away from your hair and apply evenly.
I thought to give this a whirl one day and i was worried that would this be able to tame the ends of my hair just like my regular conditioner and guess what?! it did!
After spraying the ends of my hair i brushed it so it would be distributed everywhere and it did not weigh my hair down, which was my first concern. Secondly it gave my hair a shine and it looked healthy too. The scent is ok but the actual product did work wonders.
I do think this is a great product because it doesnt leave any residue on the hair neither does it have a 'styling product feel'

For those who have not tried this conditioner be sure to try! after all we do not know unless we try :) 

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