Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Random rambling: Time to get creative!

During my one week stay at my sisters house, i ended up bringing out the 'inner child' in me (blame my creative nephews) and i ended up buying this!
It has been a while since i last sketched a drawing or even make something, but hey! it's good to be creative.
There is this store called 'tiger' in south london and they sell art and crafts items to candles and the prices start from £1 rest assured the quality is way better than poundland.
I bought this 'how to make a necklace & earring kit' for only a £1! and the quality of the beads is amazing! All the products that they sell are from Germany so expect nothing but good quality.
The kit includes beads, string, a clasp and two head pins for if you want to make earrings! 
I am hoping to start making this soon then i shall upload a pic for you all to see (might be in my week in pics, which also needs to be uploaded asap)

I would also like to thank all of my new followers for the support and love that i have been receiving for this blog, i am glad you are loving my blog and i shall continue with my reviews,tutorials and random ramblings.

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