Sunday, 5 August 2012

Willow tree minerals cosmetics - my review

Willow tree minerals is a lovely lil homemade cosmetics brand and I got the chance to review 3 of the products!
The first product i tried and swatched was the apricot glaze eyeshadow(£1.94 for a sample) and i gotta say that the eyeshadow felt more finely milled than the Barry m loose eyeshadows. The pigmentation is buildable but it is not heavily pigmented in one stroke.
The eyeliner is fantastic, it does NOT smudge at all which is what I always look for in eyeliners. I opted for the roasted coffee(£3.90 for a mini) since I tend to switch between black,brown and navy blue and the occasional glittered ones. The pigmentation is great, you do not need to build the colour up for this liner.
Lastly the natural lip balm in country peach (£1.64)it only has natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, almond oil and the smell does actually smell like peaches but the only thing I found to be a lil issue is that at first it was hard to apply because the texture seemed a bit waxy but rest assured there are no traces of petroleum which I HATE with a passion and my lips were left feeling soft and moisturised.
Overall I think Willow tree minerals is a good brand, I like how everything is handmade and the ingredients are all from natural sources and even the label has the 'home made' touch. 

You can find the range here.


  1. Lovely review ^^
    It's hard to find an eyeliner that doesn't smudge this looks great ^^ I like the eyeshadow too and yeah I agree doesn't look as pigmented.

    Love from Emi

  2. Thanks Emi :) i do recommend checking this brand out and trust me that eyeliner does NOT budge lol


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