Friday, 28 September 2012

How i store/organise my bracelets and bangles.

I have been doing alot of make up reviews and so I thought let me add some fresh new content! An accessories section.
I absolutely love accessories, no matter if it's a statement pair of earrings or a wrist full of arm candy.
I took some pics of my vintage jewellery stand which I absolutely love and I honestly should consider buying another stand since this one cannot hold any more items!
I have separated the accessories into two sections. The colourful side and the monochromatic side.
I do however prefer blacks, silvers & pearls over colour but sometimes you just have that day where you feel like adding some colours to your outfit.
It autumn/fall now so we all tend to stick to darker shades of colour with the odd jewel shade and some sparkle.
I usually buy jewellery from places like Accessorize, Miss Selfridge and if it's eye catching then I gotta have it! hehe.
I love finding the odd vintage item because it being one off makes it so much more fun to wear.

Maybe i'll start to add accessories of the day posts, so y'all can see what i wear.
Hope you liked this new feature, I am hoping to add more of this so this blog becomes more well rounded instead of just make up reviews.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Performance Colors - reviewing the face section part 2.

I was sent two pots of foundation. One is a neutral medium/light which is for pink undertones and warm medium light which is for yellow undertones. The warm matches my skintone perfectly.

£4.77/$7.50 for 5 ounces
L: neutral R:warm

This foundation really reminds me of the Maybellines dream matte mousse but it is way better than that. The texture is amazing, it has a medium coverage with a natural finish. Blends well to leave the skin looking flawless.
I really recommend this foundation to all, trust me a little goes along way with this product and the texture is great, does not feel like you are wearing a mask.

£3.18/$5 for a 5g tube
I was also sent a lil pot of concealer in medium light, The shade was fine. The actual concealer was good in terms of covering blemishes,dark circles but I had a little issue which was that it slightly crumbled when blending, i have no idea why. The consistency is somewhat same to the foundation and i noticed that there wasn't any creasing which happens with my Mac studio finish concealer.

Overall i have really enjoyed using the Performance Colors products, It great to outside the brands and see homemade cosmetics because some are actually quite good. The amount of work Tiffany (owner) has gone through to make such products is commendable. The link to check out her products is

I was also sent a sample of a black gel eyeliner but i didn't feature it in the eyes section simply because I will be doing a picture tutorial on how to apply gel liner and create the perfect smokey eyes (as requested) i will also add a short review too :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Performance Colors - reviewing the face section part 1

I was sent two mini samples of the flush blush in Radiance and Cupid.

I was sent two lovely girly pink blushers. Cupid which is the ultimate candy medium pink and Radiance which is lighter pink which is good for highlighting.
I found the blushers to be very light, finely milled and very light reflecting.
It lasted quite a significant amount of time, which is great because I feel that blushers are the first to fade. It is so natural looking and there is just the right amount of glitter so it doesn't look tacky.
I have a feeling that my samples won't last very long because I am really enjoying these blushers.  
These blushers do remind me of the sleek ones because they are also great too, in terms of pigmentation and longevity.
Check it out at $12.50/£7.91 for a 6g pot.

NEXT UP... face section part 2 (the last one)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My week in pictures.

I absolutely heart Starbucks but what I love more is chilled coffee, there was an offer at my local Morrisons and so I ended up buying a stock load LOL. The Seattle latte is my fave.
Chanel's bed has been replaced.. it is now my lap. I have no idea why but hey! am not complaining, i love her to bits.
Lastly how I could miss this??? I am loving the Hershey kisses chocolate or as the Americanos would say 'candy' I do prefer american candy over the British sweets. Always have been.

Hope you all had a fabulous week.

Zara XxX

Performance colors - reviewing the lips section

I was sent 4 lil dinky pots of lip colour to play around with. Islander, Posh, Lovepoem & Ginger heart. Quite a varied bunch to try ^^

 From top to bottom, in order: Islander, Posh, Lovepoem, Ginger heart.

First of all I would like to say that these smelt so delicious, vanilla is one of my fave scents :)
The first shade that I tried was Islander- deep warm pink. Very sheer and gliltzy, left my lips feeling moisturised. I would also like to point out that all of the lipsticks have shea butter and jojoba oil. The pigmentation is ok but it can be build able.
Posh was one of my faves, a matte coral which has great pigmentation. This was light weight and not sticky at all :)
Love poem - a reddish brown that has bronze sparkles. One of my least fave because this is a shade that i do not wear but regardless to that the quality of this shade is good. The colour is build able and sheer too. The most pigmented out of the bunch.
Ginger heart - a deep pinky red, according to Performance colors this is THE perfect red. It is for those who have trouble wearing a red shade (like myself) and I found it to be quite a flattering colour. 
Overall the lipsticks from Performance colors is good. The whole collection has a variety of shades to suit everyone, you can choose from matte/sheer shades and the highlight for me. the gorgeous smell of VANILLA! 

Check the lip collection out at £3.17/$5 each for a 5ml.

NEXT UP... Face section - part one

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Performance Colors - reviewing the eyes section

I was sent an array of eye shades. Romeo which is a mossy green with gold shimmers. Oilslick which is a dark blue with an iridescent purple shimmer and Winter palace which is a copper shade with gold shimmers.
Samples shown here are not full size. For a full size cream eyeshadow it is $5/£3.16 

I was also sent a full size Matte cream eyeshadow that is crease resistant and sweat resistant. Can be used as a primer or as an eyeshadow. Clever eh? The shade is a neutral light pink. $5/£3.16

Without a doubt the eye products were a hit for me, every little thought has gone into making these high quality but affordable products.
The three cream eyeshadows were highly pigmented, did not crease or budge and it goes on creamy but dries as soon as it is applied which is great because i am hesitant towards cream eyeshadows and I just do not like how it looks. I found that i had to warm the product up for it to be applied smoothly because it was quite solid and not soft to touch (if that makes any sense)
I really rate the matte double duty cream eyeshadow because it is one of them two in one products that leaves your make up bag feeling light and oh so happy. This is great for travelling. It's practical and doesn't make a mess. No brushes needed. I was sceptical for when I first saw this because it looks creamy in the actual tube but once I swatched it, it looked as if I swatched a dry eyeshadow. I personally love this neutral shade of pink, great for everyday use.

So far i am liking Performance Colors, the ideas are innovative and the results are of high quality :)

Check it out for yourself here

Next up... The lips section. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

PREVIEW POST: Performance colors

WATCH THIS SPACE! for a review on the Performance colors make up review. I have been sent alot to review so I will separate it into sections. EYES, LIPS & FACE.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

e.l.f. eyebow stencil kit - my review

Grooming the eyebrows is a must and keeping them in shape as well as keeping the brows looking symmetrical is important too and so i had to buy this.
According to the e.l.f. website:
"Achieve perfectly shaped brows to accentuate your face. The reusable stencil is easy to use and with 4 stencils: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch to choose from, it makes these brow stencils suitable for all brow shapes. 
Now your brows can look picture perfect everyday!" 
The stencils are not made of  acetate as I imagined but it is actually made of a plasticky and rubbery material that would ensure you it won't tear when bended. The kit includes enough eyebrow styles for me to choose from, I mean, do you really expect to buy a stencil that would exactly match your eyebrow shape? You don't. Stencils are just guides that could help you fill or shape your own eyebrows. 
 Stencil's are also great for those people who's shaping and plucking their eyebrows for the first time and it could guide them on which hairs to pluck.
How i use it: I put the desired stencil over my brow and i simply fill them in lightly with my perfectly matched brown brow powder and then i brush them through so it doesn't look 'fake' 
What i have achieved from this: my brows look natural and symmetrical every time! it doesn't take that long either! I really rate this.

I bought this on ebay for £3.50. So worth it!
Who else has tried this kit before?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

MUA Professional mosaic blusher in english rose - my review

Individual swatches <3

When swirled together <3

The simple, basic yet sleek black and transparent packaging is a 
familiar sight to MUA packaging. I think it's great because it's practical and easy to work with.
What most attracted me to buy this blush was the beautiful mosaic design. 
The blush consists of various shades of pinks, and one light lilac shade that has been thrown in.
Some shades are rather more shimmery than others, however all of the shades have shimmer in them.
I felt that the lilac and deep pink shades came off highly pigmented when swatched
individually, and the other lighter pink shades were very shimmery however it
didn't have a very good colour pay off because it seemed a bit chalky. From these swatches I was expecting the overall colour to be a medium pink shade with slight shimmer.
Once swirled together, the overall shade is a light shimmery pink.
Overall I think it's a cheap and cheerful product, that does the job.
Another great buy from MUA in my opinion. 
This is available to buy from Superdrug stores and online at the MUA store
It's priced at just £2.50 for 8.9g.

For those who own this blusher, what are your thoughts on it?

Monday, 17 September 2012

My week in pictures.

Not much was done this week and so I had to find things to do. One of the things that I had done was sorting out my nail polishes and cleaning my dresser. I like to re arrange things in my room just to be organised. I am such a clean freak.
While doing the monthly food shop at asda I came across these cute Hello Kitty lollies and I just had to buy them. They not only look cute but taste great too!
Lastly fashion week is upon us and so I heard about the Whitney Eve show will be broadcasted live and I just had to watch it. Some of you many know Whitney from The Hills (used to love that reality show) and she has become such a talented designer. Obviously it's better to watch a fashion show live but sadly i wasn't in the US.

Hope you all had a great week!

Zara xXx

Kait Rae make up - my review

Shimmer eye shadow


Lip tint

It is fun to experiment with other brands and so i was sent lil samples of kait rae make up. Nearly all of the make is mineral, which i love! 
I was sent one eye product and two lip products. I of course did not know what i will receive and it was fun to play around with these pretty colours.
The eye shimmer is a great aubergine purple, it was so finely milled and had blue sparkles too which was a nice surprise. Blends really well and feels of high quality. I cannot wait to use this in my next Asian bridal eye make up look.
Next up is the gorgeous peach lipgloss, its sheer, leaves my lips moisturised. The consistency is quite thick so in reality you only need a lil bit to cover your whole lips. I prefer a tint of colour than a full on lipstick coverage.
Lastly I received this 'Dorothy red slippers' red lip tint. Curious to see if this stains the lip... oh boy! it so did, i like the staying power of this tint but i wished it wasn't in mineral form because it is messy to use and not as practical and easy to use however the pigmentation and colour is great.
If you want to try other mineral make up alternatives then I suggest that you check out Kait Rae make up at