Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Balance Me wonder eye cream - my review


I actually got this sample from last Months Glamour and this is THE best eye cream and I have been using it ever since.
I have never tried Balance Me products but I knew that the ingredients were natural and does not contain any paraben or sulphates! these days eye creams have harsh chemicals so it's best to stick with the natural side of things.
This sample is actually worth £11 (7ml) which seems steep and so I had to try this out.

On the website it states that it is a three-in-one naturally active eye cream is rich but not heavy and absorbs beautifully. We've blended Roman chamomile and skin-brightening lemon, cucumber oil and witch hazel with super hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidant spruce knot, softening and smoothing virgin coconut, rosehip and carrot oils, all to help brighten and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes.Lightly pat and smooth around the eye area twice daily after applying our moisture-rich face cream or balancing fluid moisturiser.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say that this cream has worked! you only need a tiny bit unlike other eye creams we slather on. It smells great. Since my sleeping pattern has changed I had started to develop dark circles under my eyes and this has truly helped in lightening them (yay) If I continue to use this then i actually think that the dark circles will vanish! and I'll look even more youthful :)

I definitely recommend this! 
who has tried this miraculous eye cream? 

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