Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Body lishuss body scrub - my review

I actually forgot to review this! this body scrub came with the body butter (here's my review for that)

Although the body butter was a hit for me i found this scrub to be a miss. An epic miss. The smell and colour is great but this felt more like a cleanser than a scrub.
A scrub to me should have a proper ratio of granules to liquid but this product has more liquid than granules which was very frustrating. For a £1 you can only get so much.
My skin felt refreshed, cleansed and a tad brightened to an extent.
It's a shame that this didn't work as well as the body butter.
I wouldn't suggest buying the twin pack but do buy the body butters individually :)

Have you tried this scrub? and what are your thoughts?

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