Monday, 17 September 2012

Kait Rae make up - my review

Shimmer eye shadow


Lip tint

It is fun to experiment with other brands and so i was sent lil samples of kait rae make up. Nearly all of the make is mineral, which i love! 
I was sent one eye product and two lip products. I of course did not know what i will receive and it was fun to play around with these pretty colours.
The eye shimmer is a great aubergine purple, it was so finely milled and had blue sparkles too which was a nice surprise. Blends really well and feels of high quality. I cannot wait to use this in my next Asian bridal eye make up look.
Next up is the gorgeous peach lipgloss, its sheer, leaves my lips moisturised. The consistency is quite thick so in reality you only need a lil bit to cover your whole lips. I prefer a tint of colour than a full on lipstick coverage.
Lastly I received this 'Dorothy red slippers' red lip tint. Curious to see if this stains the lip... oh boy! it so did, i like the staying power of this tint but i wished it wasn't in mineral form because it is messy to use and not as practical and easy to use however the pigmentation and colour is great.
If you want to try other mineral make up alternatives then I suggest that you check out Kait Rae make up at

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  1. Sorry it took so long to find and respond. Thank you so much for trying Kait Rae Makeup out!!! Im glad you enjoyed the goodies. Let me know if i can help you with anything else.


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