Sunday, 23 September 2012

Performance Colors - reviewing the eyes section

I was sent an array of eye shades. Romeo which is a mossy green with gold shimmers. Oilslick which is a dark blue with an iridescent purple shimmer and Winter palace which is a copper shade with gold shimmers.
Samples shown here are not full size. For a full size cream eyeshadow it is $5/£3.16 

I was also sent a full size Matte cream eyeshadow that is crease resistant and sweat resistant. Can be used as a primer or as an eyeshadow. Clever eh? The shade is a neutral light pink. $5/£3.16

Without a doubt the eye products were a hit for me, every little thought has gone into making these high quality but affordable products.
The three cream eyeshadows were highly pigmented, did not crease or budge and it goes on creamy but dries as soon as it is applied which is great because i am hesitant towards cream eyeshadows and I just do not like how it looks. I found that i had to warm the product up for it to be applied smoothly because it was quite solid and not soft to touch (if that makes any sense)
I really rate the matte double duty cream eyeshadow because it is one of them two in one products that leaves your make up bag feeling light and oh so happy. This is great for travelling. It's practical and doesn't make a mess. No brushes needed. I was sceptical for when I first saw this because it looks creamy in the actual tube but once I swatched it, it looked as if I swatched a dry eyeshadow. I personally love this neutral shade of pink, great for everyday use.

So far i am liking Performance Colors, the ideas are innovative and the results are of high quality :)

Check it out for yourself here

Next up... The lips section. 

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