Thursday, 13 September 2012

Product Empties (well, nearly)

As some of who may follow popular blogs/youtube channels many people talk about beauty items they have used up and say why it has worked for them so i have decided to do exactly that!
I believe it's great to do so, why? it's good for me because i would actually want to use up the products before treating myself to new ones and it's good for all you reading out there so you get an insight on what products may work for you because it certainly works for me :)

These are two face products that i have been using daily as you can tell i have hit pan on both items.
Firstly is the M.A.C studio finish concealer SPF 35 £14.50: This is great at concealing dark circles/blemishes, I do not find it cakey or too light the coverage is medium but it is buildable. I find it leaves a dewy look to my face so i always apply face powder on top. It is also lightweight and has a creamy texture. Perfect for blending. I cannot live without this concealer.
Lastly my face powder from natural collection in warm £1.99. This is a cheap and cheerful powder which i have heard alot about! though it's cheap it does the job! it gets rid of shine, it doesn't make my complexion look ghostly and my face remains matte all day (unless the weathers hot, then you may need to touch up a bit) I am looking around for another powder to try because this is currently my third compact.

What are your daily fave face products? and also what face powder would you recommend to me?


  1. I love the MAC Studio finish concealer too! Have you tried their MSFs natural? Would really recommend those :) xx

  2. @ Nuala :) isn't it great! ^^ no i have not tried it but thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I really reccomend the maybelline dream matte powder, its amazing!

  4. @ Vivian :) thank you for the recommendation :)


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