Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kryolan glamour sparks in silver - review

Kryolan Glamour Sparks is a loose shimmering powder,this finely milled, iridescent powder with a shimmery finish is available in 9 shades.

The pot is a regular size and application is easy due to the functional packaging.The jar has a separator that has a hole on top. This hole makes for less mess when using the product as you can easily tip a small amount of the product into the lid for application.

The powder itself isn't terribly pigmented but more of a shimmering layer which would best be used over another shadow for a bit of a dramatic effect. If you own alot of matte shadows this is the perfect companion to create a bit of sparkle for when you’d like to experiment. On their own they work equally as well but aren't pigmented enough.The texture is quite silky but with alot less fall out and ease of blending is considerably better as well. Be sure to prep and prime because shimmer powders tend to slip and slide but prepping will ensure it will last all day.

This retails for £8.95 and available at the Charles fox store in London but you can get good deals online too!

Have you tried these and what's your opinion on this?


  1. great review :)
    I haven't tried this product yet!

  2. That is so shiny! I would love to use it for a Christmas party for some added sparkle without having to use full on glitter! xoxo

  3. @Bubble my licorice thank you! ^^ be sure to try it, it's great.

  4. @ K i agree! i do think it's great with a matte eyeshadow.


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