Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Loreal glam shine miss Candy in Nude bonbon - review

While sorting my make up out i saw this and realised i had to review this, i know that the Loreal miss candy craze is well over and done with but what the heck! a) this was gifted to me by a very dear friend... Shedika! if you are reading this hi!!! and you must come to Birmingham again :D b) this is my go to lipgloss, she knows i heart nude lipsticks/nude lipglosses.
The packaging is the same as the glosses in the regular Glam Shine range, small easy to grip bottles and it has a unique heart shaped wand.
The formula of the Miss Candy range is fairly thick but easy enough to apply without being  sticky or uncomfortable to wear.
It sits on well on the lips and it doesn't highlight dry patches if there are any.
I found them to be fairly hydrating but it is not pigmented as I'd hoped for.
In terms of wear I found them to last around the one to two hour mark on average.
711 Nude Bon Bon - This shade has no glitter/shimmer
but it is a duo of two cream layers one a light pinky beige and the other a cream shade.
The layers blend to create a transparent nude shade that is really flattering either worn alone or over a similar shade for extra shine, this could be used to tone down a bold shade
due to it's tendency to pull a fairly milky appearance.
The scent reminds me of a candy/sweet shop and i absolutely love the scent, it just finishes off the product amazingly. I would recommend this! <3

L'Oreal Miss Candy Glam Shine Lip Glosses are available now from selected L'Oreal retailers
such as Superdrug and Boots for £7.69/6ml.


  1. These always look so pretty in the tubes! xo

  2. @ spiderleglashes so true! i do not feel like using it at all sometimes because it messes the design up lol.

  3. Perfecto for an everyday look, love the finish :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter! http://champagnelambinibudget.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/models-own-giveaway-in-fuzzy-peach.html

  4. @ Nic Nac Noo :) i agree! ooo i would love to!


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