Tuesday, 16 October 2012

N.Y.C. Smooth mineral loose eye powder in Espresso - review

What caught my eye was this affordable mineral eye make up in a cute lil kit. N.Y.C. is a very cheap brand but some of the products are actually quite good and the quality matches up to higher end cosmetics.
This kit contains one eyeshadow pot, one small tube of liner sealer (for when you want to use it as a liquid liner) and a double ended applicator (one end was a liner brush the other end was a eyeshadow applicator) handy!
I could not wait to experiment with this and i have to admit the results where fantastic!
In terms of using this as a dry mineral eyeshadow it is very pigmented, the minerals were very fine, light and smooth. Easy to use and blend. Though this was swatched without the liner sealer it really did not smudge at all.
With the liner sealer the product becomes a beautiful liquid brown eyeliner that is also very pigmented and smudging is not even an option for this amazing product!
The liner sealer should be used in very small amounts and mixing the mineral powder was easy too!
I bought mine on ebay after hearing so many things about it! I could not find the link but it only costed me £3.40 and if you are looking to try mineral eye make up than this is the perfect kit for you, There are many other shades too but i opted for a dark brown because i wanted to switch the traditional black.


  1. The liner sealer looks like a really interesting product! xo

  2. this looks really good,
    i've not seen anything like it before so i'll be looking into it more.
    i've just started following your blog, its really great.
    hope you'll pop over for a chat, it'd be lovely to get to know you :)
    laura xx


  3. @ spiderleglashes It sure is, kinda like a eye primer i guess.

  4. @ Laura ^^ Check it out on ebay, its cheap but its such a great product! :) thank you! ^^ sure why not?! :)


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