Thursday, 11 October 2012

Performance Colors gel eye liner in storm - review

Earlier i had reviewed many make up products from Performance Colors and now i have for you... the gel eyeliner.
I decided to review this as a two part, the first part being a tutorial and the second part being a tutorial on how to actually apply it.
I was sent a sample in the shade 'Storm' a gorgeous dark smokey grey with an array of different colour glitters that include green,pink and silver. The shade is build able and is very smooth in application. It does not crack while drying which was my concern.
this smells incredibly like vanilla which adds to this successful eyeliner. The staying power is great but it can smudge a teensy bit.
I am really happy with this eyeliner and this can definitely run up against the other successful eyeliners 
My next post will be a tutorial on how to apply gel eyeliner because it was requested by a lovely follower of mine ;) if you would like to request any other tutorials on how to apply a certain product than feel free to comment and let me know and i shall try to fulfill them all!


  1. Hi Zara thanks for your lovely comment, following you back, its nice to find another UK blogger :) Keep in touch :) btw I have never heard of this makeup brand! where can you find it?

    Sita & Radha xx

  2. @ Buttons Apart :) no problemo! sure will :) you can find this brand on a website called etsy.


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