Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review on CocoNecklace - vintage meets animal

Antique bronze peacock necklace* 

Hollow out silver/black leopard necklace with charming crystals*

If you know me than you will know that i like two types of jewellery, monochromatic styles that have black, white and silver and a colour style that has a vintage touch or an antique look.
These two necklaces are both fashionable and are made with incredible detail.
The leopard head necklace somewhat reminds me of the Ed hardy's tiger head. I love how the silver and black work together so well to make an eyecatching piece of jewellery, this screams for attention and it is a comfortable piece to wear that is not heavy at all.
The actual head is hollow but behind it is a black base that makes the details stand out more.

The antique bronze peacock necklace is so up my street though this looks expensive it is rather cheap.
There is something about the turquoise blue and bronze combination that makes jewellery look so much more wearable and vintage - esque. I love the enamel and peacock detailing. Both of these necklaces are long in length and again this is not heavy to wear but manageable and comfortable.

CocoNecklace sell amazing earrings and necklaces that have been made up to an amazing quality and if you are liking these two pieces than i am pretty sure you will love everything else that is being sold ^^
Check it all out here >> CocoNecklace


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  2. @ living in a movie scene awww! thank you so much i sure will :)

  3. nice neckwear!!!



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