Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sugar skull tutorial for halloween

Sugar skulls is something that i have seen quite some times and so for the first time i have attempted to recreate the look for you all so i hope you like my easy quick guide to creating a spooky sugar skull look. 

You will need: White face paint, black face paint,green face paint, red face paint, blue face paint, purple face paint, bright coloured eyeshadow of your choice, floral head dress/ floral hair accessories.

1. Once you have painted your entire face and neck white,Then paint a circle around each eye along the eye socket which is easily found by pushing on your brow and following the bone around, when your circles are ready draw scalloped edges around each circle.

2. Now fill in the circles with blue face paint and perfect the scalloped edges with purple face paint and fill them in.

3. Once you are happy with the circles and the scalloped edges then use a bright eyeshadow to shade in and add over the face paint as this will add more depth, it's great to use metallic/glitter eyeshadows which i used. The Kryolan viva palette was used to define the patterns and add more glitz to the matte designs.

 4. Start decorating your forehead and cheeks with some sort of design, it can be anything but i chose geometic shapes and some curved lines. I then painted a floral design of roses with leaves (everyone normally chooses some sort of floral design), it can be anything so be creative!

5. Now for the lips simply fill in the centre of your lips and then follow the line where the top and bottom line meet and pull that outward creating a new mouth once your line is complete add vertical lines as if your mouth is stitched. Keep your lips tight at this point or you will get paint in your mouth.

6. I then matched my jawline to my forehead but adding geometic shapes and curved lines. After this is done add alot of shading with a bright blue and a fushia pink eyeshadow to give the whole face some depth in certain areas.

7. The last bit to paint is the tip of your nose, think upside down heart.

8. To finish of the look i added many hair accesories to brighten up the look, colour is the key for this look and it really pulls it together.

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