Friday, 30 November 2012

Lemongrass soap from the Visionary Soap Company - review

Lemongrass soap*

This is the last instalment of the goodies that i was sent from the Visionary Soap Company. This soap contains Fairtrade certified coconut oil from India, Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine, sunflower oil, pure water, sodium hydroxide, Fairtrade cerified Shea butter from Ghana, Lemongrass essential oil, Lemongrass flakes and Fairtrade certified Turmeric from Sri Lanka and/or India. 

I could smell the delicious zesty lemon fragrance of the lemongrass. I like the slightly irregular  imperfect look of the bar which makes it look really homemade rather than a mass produced bar. It creates a very slight lather which leaves your hands slightly fragranced and moisturised. Though the bar is very potent the actual fragrance that is left on your skin is delicate.

This wasn't my favourite scent but it is nice to atleast try it out. I knew that this soap was not for me.
It could be handy for a quick pick me up for when you are feeling dreary in the early mornings.

Overall my experience with the Visionary soap company has been great! I have thoroughly enjoyed using the products and what i like the best was that they used a higher percentage of what is natural and that also gave the extra homemade touch.

Check out their website here

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Coley and Gill winter scented candles - review

These pictures were taken with Instagram :)

I was supposed to buy the famous Skittles candle and the M&Ms candle but sadly all was sold out, so i had to get these, i needed candles badly so i made sure i bought atleast any candle.
This is the Coley & Gill winter twin pack, i was excited to try out the gingerbread one first and that's what i did i still have not lit the seasonal cranberry one yet.
This was only a £1 and i didn't keep any high hopes because of the price, the scent may not be strong but i was astonished because it filled the room with such a warm gingerbread scent, i would describe the scent as moderate but it is way better than having no scent at all.
I am in love with the warm scented candles at the moment because it instantly makes your room feel extra cosy and all you need to complete your haven is a fluffy bed throw, dozens of pillows, a good book accompanied by a hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles (yay for spending winter indoors!)

I would recommend this cheaper version of a similar scented yankee candle... it is way cheaper but it does the job!

Geranium Rose bath melt from the Visionary Soap Company - review

Geranium Rose Bath Melt*

In all honesty i have never used a bath melt before because i use a traditional liquid bubble bath  but i know i have been missing out on this!
This bath melt is a mixture of fairtrade certified shea butter, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, pelargonium graveolens and organic rose petals. When you throw the bath melt in the bath or under warm running water, the shea butter melts and disperses in the water, along with the essential oils and it looks as if you've sprinkled the rose petals in the water, The water is fragranced perfectly and looks lush too!
 The bath melts are soft and crumbly so each bath melt can be halved and can be used twice,it is extremely moisturising. 
Using this in the bath was so relaxing and it made my skin feel so soft. So soft that it made me feel as if i have baby smooth skin.
The bath melt contains 37% fairtrade ingredients and the minimal requirement to be certified is a mere 5% so they are well above the recommended. 
I am really enjoying these products and i love how nothing is artificial and its nice to know that other handmade products companys exist other than lush.

For a bag of 6 bath melts, the price is £9.95 and i think it is so worth it because remember! you can half each one so technically your buying it for the price of 12.
Here is the link - Bath melts

Monday, 26 November 2012

Geranium Rose soap from the Visionary Soap Company - review

Since rose is one of my favourite scents, i was really excited to use this and to see if these soaps are something to rave about.
Their organic soaps are made using the traditional cold process method and have 60% Fairtrade ingredients in them when the requirement to actually be certified as Fairtrade is only 2% so they are hugely above from what is needed.

Each soap comes in at approx 100g and is made using Fairtrade certified oils and butters along with essential oils to give them a real kick. They are soft soaps which lather up really easily with a bit of warm water – great for the sink, bath or even shower. 
They’re £3.69 each and there are eight scents to choose from. The packaging has a natural/organic feel and the geranium smelt delish almost like turkish delight but with a more rosey scent, it contains geranium essential oils and pink rose petals so as well as smelling great it looks good too and I just love handmade anything, this really reminds me of handmade paper and how you can see flower petals through the paper, cute!
I would really recommend this soap, if you are looking for something different to try and if love rose scents then grab one of these!

check it out here 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Visionary Soap Company - lemon lip balm - review

This is what i was sent from the Visionary soap company (quite generous!) ^^ i will be reviewing each item in the next couple of blogposts.

Lemon lipbalm*
I was sent 4 items from the Visionary Soap Company, this is a fair trade company and they only source the good stuff which is great! who would want petroleum in their lip balm anyway?!
First up for a review is the Lemon lip balm.
I am not too keen on citrusy scents so i thought i will not like this but after seeing the ingredients i felt a little reassured because it was a possibility that it wouldn't just smell of lemons.
The packaging is cute and handbag friendly. The jar is 5ml but a little goes a long way.
Their Lemon lip balm is made with sunflower oil, Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine, Fairtrade certified Shea butter from Ghana, candelilla wax, vitamin E (as a natural preservative) and flavoured with lemon essential oils. Visionary Soap Company state that this product contains 34% Fairtrade certified ingredients (when minimum requirement for certification is 5%). 
I was surprised with how good this lipbalm turned out, it was extremely moisturising and left my lips feeling ultra soft and conditioned. Perfect for the current weather.
The scent is not overpowering which is good because there are also other ingredients so the lemon is very subtle but it exists.
Though it gives a sheeny finish i do not mind it because the properties of this lipbalm can 'cure' any chapped lip or any dried lip.
This will all make you think that the price will be steep but it is only £3.25 and there are other scents too! which includes peppermint, orange, grapefruit and lemon.
You check it all out here

Have you tried any product from The Visionary Soap company?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Yves Rocher 6 in 1 BB cream - review

This was the second item that I received along with the eyeshadow. This is the BB cream from Yves Rocher and i was excited to try this out.
Am sure by now everyone has a favourite BB cream, either Maybelline or Loreal but this may just be my new favourite now!

It has 6 results that helps make your skin perfect and that is 24 - hour moisturised skin, evened out skin tone, hides imperfections and signs of fatigue,smooths out the skin, gives radiance and protects against external aggressions.
The packaging does not catch my eye but the colour scheme does capture the idea of it being natural and organic, the BB cream being in a squeezable tube does help as it is convenient  and easy to carry on the go.
I found that the medium shade matched my skin perfectly but it gives a dewy finish so those who have oily skin may want to steer away from this, i did apply a bit of face powder because i am not into the dewy look at the moment but it does make you face look less fatigued  fresh and youthful (yay) I also did find that my face looked radiant too. I have tried other BB creams and i found this one to be of a better quality because the texture is somewhat like a light weight foundation but it has the benefits. 
The scent reminds me of a spa day so i guess that's good, i cannot fully describe the scent but it does smell fresh and i would prefer it having a scent than being scentless.
This BB cream is ultra creamy and so easy to blend, does not feel like your wearing a mask of make up nor does it feel cakey.
For me it didn't hide my imperfections but it blurred them out and so i had to use a light concealer on top and i felt like it did last a fair amount of time and my skin felt moisturised and i also felt that the condition of my skin improved since i used it the first time. (been two weeks now)

The launch price of this BB cream is £9 but the normal price for this £18 which i do think is quite steep. I quite like this but i would of loved it more if didn't give off a dewy finish and just blur out the imperfections.

What are your views on this BB cream? have you tried it before?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Leather nails?! SAY WHAT!?

Images taken from Google

There is yet ANOTHER nail trend that will be sweeping across the nation and that is leather nails. This will be the new spring summer 2013 trend and to be honest i am liking the look of this.

Nails inc have invented a new nail polish that is glossy when applied but when dried it will look as if it has a leathery texture.The collection(many shades to choose from!) also includes 4 crystal skull embellishments and glue so that you can create a unique nail art! 
Price? £25 for a kit and £12 for an individual nail polish. A pop.

What are your thoughts on this??

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yves Rocher eyeshadow duo in Azure blue and Night blue - review

Eyeshadow duo £8.25 (offer) normally £15.50*

Yves Rocher is a brand i have never heard of but when i was sent two products to try out i was excited because i have never tried or owned any of the products.
This is the NEW intense colour duo in the shade 31 Azur et bleu nuit - Azure and Night Blue.
These eyeshadows are made with rice extract (interesting) giving the eyeshadows a very velvety soft texture and a very blend able nature.
The shades are a shimmery light blue and a gorgeous shimmery navy blue (my fave!)
The intensity can be build able and it is very pigmented! The company states that you can get a six hour wear but i think you can achieve longer wear time by using an eye primer.
What i also love is the double ended applicator, you have the normal sized one and a thinner applicator which can be used for more precise blending and you can use this on your lower lash line too!
The eyeshadow comes in a rectangular plastic compact, The case is a glossy black, it is easy to open and close without being fingernail threatening. A window allows the colours to be recognized from the outside. Inside is an applicator and the two eye shadows. The darker tone is twice as large as the lighter one. The products weight is 3g. 
It would of been good if the price was a bit lower because you can find alternatives to these colours and there should of been a mirror included because you are paying such a price that surely they should of included one.
Overall i am impressed with the quality of this eyeshadow but it being a luxury product; it is not wallet friendly.
Check it out here

Monday, 19 November 2012

Dirty Works Body Butter - Review

Couple of months ago I was sent this sample tube of Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter, via the Dirty Works Facebook page. I am looking for a new body butter to buy so I was really looking forward to trying this out. The sample tube contains a generous 20ml of product, but the actual product is sold in a 300ml tub and retails for £4.99.
I am loving the old school packaging!
The dirty works brand reminds me of the Soap and Glory label, you can say that this is the Sainsbury's take on Soap and Glory.

Unlike some heavier body butters, this one has a light consistency, which is very much like a moisturiser, but it still leaves that silky sheen on the skin that you would expect from a body butter. The tube says to ‘massage cream onto damp skin until absorbed’ after showering it really did make my damp skin feel beautifully soft, but I've discovered that it also makes an amazing hand cream, I've been carrying this in my bag and using it on my hands a few times a day, and it is really helps because of the colder months now and we are bound to get drier skin.

The body butter has a pleasantly sweet scent which smells to me like a pic n mix bag of sweeties (yum) it leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean. It goes quite a long way too. A large pea-sized amount is plenty enough for the backs of both hands.
I am impressed with Dirty Works’ Supreme Clean Body Butter and I would love to try out the other products in the range.

Have you tried any Dirty Works products before?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Picture tutorial - hair - how to use Macadamia oil

Hey everyone!
I have some great news, since i like making picture tutorials alot, i have used this clever lil program to help make my tutorials look fun, fresh and easy to read. I will be doing alot of them and let me know if you are liking them. This first one is about Macadamia oil. I received a little dinky bottle to test and since i have not used it before I was looking forward to seeing the results because my hair needed some TLC. Note: A review of the product will follow after.

Beautysets - for hair - how to use macadamia oil

Happy 1st Birthday Bows and Pearls!

Wow! a year has passed and it went quick. I can honestly say that I enjoy blogging and it hardly feels like a chore. I am sure all other bloggers will agree that there is extreme satisfaction when pressing the 'publish button'
Blogging is something I enjoy every aspect of. I enjoy buying and trying new products, I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy thinking up of new features or life related posts, I enjoy typing away on my keyboard and letting words flow out. I enjoy reading your comments and tweets, I enjoy tweeting back, I enjoy reading other people's blogs, I enjoy all of it. Every single bit. 
Blogging is a journey in which you learn everyday, something new. Blogging has made me more of a computer savvy person, made online friends who share the same passion and even learn how PR companies work because it was completely new to me.
I do try to keep my reviews informative and fun to read. I have truly been blessed by how much feedback i have been given by everyone. I would always ask friends on how to improve the blogging experience and fulfil requests on how to apply a certain product (being a qualified make up artist has also helped)
Personally for me, blogging is not a competition on achieving more followers or receiving endless freebies but to learn and grow yourself through the blogging community. The extra followers and samples are just some of the perks and I wouldn't let that get to my head.
I also haven't felt alone because I know that whatever time or day or night, because of this blog I will always have someone to chat to or interact with. I will always be able to tweet or read comments or return emails, because all my followers/readers are so kind and have taken a little moment out of their day to talk to me. 
Thank you to every one of you who has read, followed, commented or joined in with this blog. I'm sure to most it is a blog like any other, but to me it is much, much more.
I am near the 200 follower mark which is crazy and i am thinking of hosting a giveaway just a lil way to say thank you. I will need to plan on what to buy but i know it will be make up heaven :)

All comments are welcome, i would like to know what you like about my blog and if you would like me to add certain features or if you have any requests (make up tutorials) then feel free to comment below or contact me via email.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Being M.I.A recently

Hi lovies,

I have to apologise for not publishing any blog posts lately because at the moment my schedule has become hectic since I have started taking classes in Islamic studies and the classes are intense so it requires more time. This does not mean that my blog will be pushed back, my blog is important too. I will still try to publish daily because I have alot of samples/bought products to review.
I will never stop blogging because I have lately been getting more and more followers which means everyone is enjoying my reviews and I appreciate everyone's comments and support.
In a day or two i promise you will see a sparkling new blogpost.

Hope you all are having a great week <3 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Performance Colors blusher in Bloom - review

Blusher in Bloom*
I have yet another instalment of Performance Colors, but hey! I am really enjoying the products from this brand.
This is another blusher entitled Bloom.When I see this blusher it really reminds me of spring (UK winter please hurry up!)
This is a lovely warm coral pink with gold shimmers.
This is such a nice blusher to wear, it is comfortable to wear and doesn't carry any weight, blends like a dream and the pigmentation is great and build able.
This is now one of my favorite blushers in my collection simply because it is long lasting, the colour gives my complexion a radiant boost and the scent smells scrummy too!
This shade will look great on all skintones.
Performance Colors products are all hand made to the highest quality and are worth checking out!

check it out here

Sunday, 11 November 2012

China Glaze for Cirque du Soleil winter 2012

China Glaze are teaming up with Paramount Pictures for their newest collection of nail polish shades that are inspired by the upcoming 3-D film, “Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away” which arrives in cinemas in late December.

I feel that this really captures the spirit of Cirque du Soleil and this collection can satisfy everyone's tastes because this has brights, glitters and a light shade.
The one polish that really catches my attention is the whirled away polish, it is so lush and it has my favourite colour combination, black and white! i am sure this will be a quick seller.

This collection launches nationwide on 1st of December, in the UK. Sallys will be a popular place to be on the 1st and i can guarantee that!

Are you looking forward to this collection?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

English rose cosmetics - bright eyed and bushy tailed eye cream - review

Sadly the box got all crumply! while being delivered! but the pot was intact (phew)

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed Eye Cream* £13 

 I received this a while back but i didn't want to review this until I used this for a fair amount of time and to actually see any differences to my under eye area.
The english rose collection is presented within a old school vibed pink and white packaging
and screams out vintage! which is very up my street.

It states on the website that...
"Luxuriously light eye cream that sinks in quickly, and delivers visible results from high tech natural based actives. Cytobiol™ Lumin Eye – clinically proven to reduce bags, dark circles, puffy eyes whilst firming, Sodium Hyaluronate – reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Active Vitamin E (Tocopherol) – anti-oxidant, moisturisation, anti-aging, Allantoin – soothes skin and promotes cell regeneration, Creatine – boost cellular energy to increase collagen production."

I have been using this for over a week in conjunction with my Elizabeth Arden night cream and i have actually seen a reduction in puffiness and dark circles.
 It has a delicate rose scent that does not irritate the skin or eyes.
Though the cream looks thick it is very light and quick absorbing which is a plus! 
This eye cream is great because it covers all the important aspects that we all want in an eye cream! this actually works and is worth every penny.

Check it out here

Friday, 9 November 2012

Cherry Baby Jewellery - review

Star charm ring*   bird ring*

Recently i was sent some jewellery from a UK online accessories boutique called Cherry Baby. I am loving rings at the moment and i even got to choose the rings that i liked :)
I used to love jewellery with charms on but then i went off the phase, i guess now i am loving the whole charm look again (hehe) this is a beautiful dainty little ring, with a small silver star attached. How nice!
I am loving cute pastely (that is not a word) things at the moment and i was instantly attracted to this cute blue bird ring, i love the whole handpainted feel and i guess rings like these can really put an outfit together. I have always been the accessories type of person.

If you like what you see than head on over to the website here