Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Coley and Gill winter scented candles - review

These pictures were taken with Instagram :)

I was supposed to buy the famous Skittles candle and the M&Ms candle but sadly all was sold out, so i had to get these, i needed candles badly so i made sure i bought atleast any candle.
This is the Coley & Gill winter twin pack, i was excited to try out the gingerbread one first and that's what i did i still have not lit the seasonal cranberry one yet.
This was only a £1 and i didn't keep any high hopes because of the price, the scent may not be strong but i was astonished because it filled the room with such a warm gingerbread scent, i would describe the scent as moderate but it is way better than having no scent at all.
I am in love with the warm scented candles at the moment because it instantly makes your room feel extra cosy and all you need to complete your haven is a fluffy bed throw, dozens of pillows, a good book accompanied by a hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles (yay for spending winter indoors!)

I would recommend this cheaper version of a similar scented yankee candle... it is way cheaper but it does the job!


  1. these seem really cool! I hate spending a crazy amount of money for yankee candles but they're just so great! I melt them instead of burning the, so they last longer too =] I did a post about it on my blog! But I think I want to try these! I love candles in the winter time! Who doesnt? :P

    New follower!! XO

  2. @ Carolyn i would love to purhase one soon but i am scared that i will get addicted and end up buying more than i really should lol, i always try to find alternatives and share it with you all :D i totally agree :) thank you!

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