Friday, 30 November 2012

Lemongrass soap from the Visionary Soap Company - review

Lemongrass soap*

This is the last instalment of the goodies that i was sent from the Visionary Soap Company. This soap contains Fairtrade certified coconut oil from India, Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine, sunflower oil, pure water, sodium hydroxide, Fairtrade cerified Shea butter from Ghana, Lemongrass essential oil, Lemongrass flakes and Fairtrade certified Turmeric from Sri Lanka and/or India. 

I could smell the delicious zesty lemon fragrance of the lemongrass. I like the slightly irregular  imperfect look of the bar which makes it look really homemade rather than a mass produced bar. It creates a very slight lather which leaves your hands slightly fragranced and moisturised. Though the bar is very potent the actual fragrance that is left on your skin is delicate.

This wasn't my favourite scent but it is nice to atleast try it out. I knew that this soap was not for me.
It could be handy for a quick pick me up for when you are feeling dreary in the early mornings.

Overall my experience with the Visionary soap company has been great! I have thoroughly enjoyed using the products and what i like the best was that they used a higher percentage of what is natural and that also gave the extra homemade touch.

Check out their website here

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