Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nail art ideas

Sorry for being a bit absent but i was enjoying the Eid festivities but now i am back with even more beauty posts and tutorials.

Still being bitten by the creativity bug, i decided to give nail art another shot. The nail polishes I have used were a range from Barry M to Nails Inc.
I hope these designs will inspire you for if you are confused as to what design you would like.
Although these designs aren't indepth I shall be trying more detailed designs with finer brushes because I would also like to see how it comes out too!
My favourite one from this selection is the gradient glitter, especially the black and gold combination. This was actually the quickest to do and it looks fabulous.
Another favourite of mine is the good ol' vintage roses one, I have done a tutorial way back when I started my blog so do check that out.
Being a perfectionist it took me a bit longer to create the roses but it is worth it in the end.

I am going to practise my nail art ideas more and then share them with all of you!
I hope you enjoyed this post and do share your views on nail art too!

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