Friday, 23 November 2012

Yves Rocher 6 in 1 BB cream - review

This was the second item that I received along with the eyeshadow. This is the BB cream from Yves Rocher and i was excited to try this out.
Am sure by now everyone has a favourite BB cream, either Maybelline or Loreal but this may just be my new favourite now!

It has 6 results that helps make your skin perfect and that is 24 - hour moisturised skin, evened out skin tone, hides imperfections and signs of fatigue,smooths out the skin, gives radiance and protects against external aggressions.
The packaging does not catch my eye but the colour scheme does capture the idea of it being natural and organic, the BB cream being in a squeezable tube does help as it is convenient  and easy to carry on the go.
I found that the medium shade matched my skin perfectly but it gives a dewy finish so those who have oily skin may want to steer away from this, i did apply a bit of face powder because i am not into the dewy look at the moment but it does make you face look less fatigued  fresh and youthful (yay) I also did find that my face looked radiant too. I have tried other BB creams and i found this one to be of a better quality because the texture is somewhat like a light weight foundation but it has the benefits. 
The scent reminds me of a spa day so i guess that's good, i cannot fully describe the scent but it does smell fresh and i would prefer it having a scent than being scentless.
This BB cream is ultra creamy and so easy to blend, does not feel like your wearing a mask of make up nor does it feel cakey.
For me it didn't hide my imperfections but it blurred them out and so i had to use a light concealer on top and i felt like it did last a fair amount of time and my skin felt moisturised and i also felt that the condition of my skin improved since i used it the first time. (been two weeks now)

The launch price of this BB cream is £9 but the normal price for this £18 which i do think is quite steep. I quite like this but i would of loved it more if didn't give off a dewy finish and just blur out the imperfections.

What are your views on this BB cream? have you tried it before?


  1. Definitely going to go out and buy one of these! :)

    Hey, absolutely fantastic blog!! Found you on the bbloggers blog hop! Glad I did xx

    Emma @ YorkshirePud
    Running a giveaway too in you fancy entering to win some nail goodies xxx

  2. Never heard of this brand before, but I love BB creams!
    Following you through the BBLOGGERS hop. I am a new fashion blogger. Would love any support back.

    Thank you


  3. @Emma Whitaker :) it may work well for you, that is if you dont have oily skin aww thank you sure will!

  4. @ London Young me too! especially when you don't want to feel made up ^^ sure no problem!

  5. I bought it a few days ago and I really like it, it feels fresh and light on my skin, and it looks natural. Yves Rocher never disappointed me.

  6. @Lulia I can imagine that this will be popular among us, I agree i use mine daily and i love it.


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