Tuesday, 11 December 2012

News and upcoming posts

Hey y'all
I hope you all have been well, i wanted to let you know why i have not been posting frequently and other bits and bobs.

I have been getting ALOT of homework from my Islamic classes, which includes alot of writing, reading and memorization so i have been putting alot of time in that but i know that i have been pushing my blog further away which is not fair on my lovely followers. I will try my utmost best on posting daily if not then every other day. I will also be doing a mini blog sale, i have some make up items that i want to sell simply because i have too much of it and i was clearing my stuff out (ALL DETAILS AND PICTURES WILL BE UP SOON!)

Today in the post I got a package courtesy of Escentual.com (thanks Emma!) full of skincare treats (see picture below) so i cannot wait to review all of this for you so also expect this in the next few posts.

Thank you to all my lovely followers for your patience and support
Love Zara x

Picture taken on Instagram :)

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