Saturday, 8 December 2012

November Favourites

Body butter//Dirty works  Cranberry candle//Coley and Gill  Arabic perfume//Al Sunnah  BB cream//Yves Rocher  
Eye cream//Balance Me

I have been saving this candle for this weekend because a) i have alot of revision to do from my Islamic classes b) this aids and relaxes me because that was one stressful week! I have used the Gingerbread one that came in this set and loved it so i cannot wait to see how this cranberry one smells like. I just love candles in general so i thought to include this one for this month.

I have been using this ALOT and i am loving this body butter for my hands, it is ideal to use in the colder months, smells great and keeps my hands moisturized plus it is the perfect size to carry in your purse :) 

This eye cream is a savior! helps me look refreshed even if i didn't get enough sleep. This instantly lifts and brightens the undereye area. This product is very popular among other bloggers :)

This is my new favourite everyday BB cream, i use this everyday because i have cut down on wearing foundation and i feel that BB creams are way better for your skin and allows it to breathe!

I have been loving arabic perfumes alot recently and this one is new to my collection, My husband gifted me this cute little roll on (called Bakhoor) and trust me a little goes a very long way with these perfumes because it is quite strong but to describe the scent it is hard but i guess it smells like incense sticks? I also love that this is alcohol free too!

That is it for my monthly favourites, what products have you been enjoying this month?


  1. I am a perfume junkie...I just can't ever have enough!

    I found your blog through the blog hop and I'm now following you! Great blog! I'd love for you to check out my blog, too, and follow back if you want.


  2. @ Heart and crafts boutique haha same!thank you! i have followed your cool blog back :)


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