Monday, 30 December 2013

Favourites Of 2013

Clockwise from the top: Rimmel scandeleyes mascara | Bare Minerals original foundation | Lush angels on bare skin cleanser | Eye of Horus liquid define liner | Nanshy flat top buffer brush

2013 Is drawing to an end and before we say goodbye to 2013 I wanted to share with you a round up of my monthly favourites that I have enjoyed the most throughout the year. Meet my five holy grails...

Rimmel scandeleyes mascara: Without a doubt, this has been the only mascara that I have been loving throughout this year, it ticks all the boxes of a good all round mascara, no clumps and it adds EXTREME length to my lashes, this performs so similar to the Benefit's they're real! and it is a much affordable dupe too!

Bare minerals original foundation: Because of this product, my skin's condition has improved, For me 2013 was a year of BB creams and mineral foundations, I just did not need a liquid foundation or a full coverage product. This mineral foundation gives that 'air brush' look without looking un-natural and cakey. My favourite thing about this foundation is that it let's your skin breathe. A product you will definitely find in my make up bag.

Lush's angels on bare skin cleanser: 
A new gem that I loved so much, I just had to add it in my round up! This may be the BEST ever cleanser I have ever used. With regular use I am sure my skin and complexion will be kept looking at it's best. Read the review here

Eye of horus liquid define liner: I am loving liquid liners again and when I received this to review I was amazed at it's ability to stay put. Such an intense black and it lasts all day!!! This has all of the qualities a decent liner should have, it definitely matches the likes of higher branded ones. Read the review here

Nanshy flat top buffer brush: Ahh! The brush that has changed the way I do my daily make up routine, A definite must have. With sponges and other face brushes streaking seems to appear, which is definitely not a good look but with this buffing brush, the product is distributed evenly and my face looks flawless. A perfect partner to the Bare minerals foundation <3 This is also great for lazy day applications. Read the review here

See you all next year! Hope you all have a great NYE <3

What have you been loving this month?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Review | Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser* From Lush

I have heard ALOT about Angels On Bare Skin and when I saw this in my goody bag I was ecstatic, I just could wait to try and see what wonders it would do to my skin. You can read my goody bag contents post here - link 

Product description..♥ 

Sometimes the best ideas are the old ones. This cleanser is based on an age old formula that uses the best of ingredients to amazing effects.
Angels on Bare Skin evens out skin tone, reduces redness and improves the health and appearance of your skin – giving a natural healthy glow.
The ground almonds in this product release their goodness and turn to an almond milk on your hand when you add water.

First of all this smells AMAZING! It has a beautiful scrummy herbal scent and every time I open this product I need to give it a good ol' sniff.
Visually you can tell that this has been made out of natural ingredients, this also made me feel assured that my skin will be taken care of, I just love products like this! Less ingredients are used but they're useful with great benefits for the skin.
Almond milk is used to brighten up the complexion, Kaolin is used to absorb excess oils and to gently cleanse. Vegetable glycerine is used to soften and moisturise the skin and essentials oils have been used too, all with their separate qualities to balance and tone out the skin, Lastly lavender is sprinkled onto the product to finish it off.

The amount that was on my palm was enough to cover the whole face, using this was a bit tricky at first but you need to slowly add a small amount of water and make it into a paste.
Applying this on my face was easy and fuss free, It turned into an exfoliator/cleanser and I saw the results immediately.
This did an amazing job at making my complexion brighter, smoother and balanced. I am sure that the more I use this, My skin's condition will improve more and more.
My skin type is combination and I found that the scrub element of the cleanser helped scrub away any dry patches, the milky paste helped to hydrate and nourish my skin while the clay element of the cleanser helped soak up any excess oils. YAY!
I love how this product is so 'hands on' because from the pot it is nothing but blended dry ingredients and essentially you are the one making your own cleanser by adding water.
I absolutely love this stuff! I will be purchasing another once this runs out.

Check it out here/£6.35* 100g - link

Have you tried Angels on bare skin? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Yankee Candle Wishlist ★

Untitled #9

Yankee candles are a firm favourite amongst bloggers and even the public but I do have a confession to make... I have still not tried it (hides under covers) So whilst I was browsing the Yankee Candles website I decided to make a lil wishlist of the scents that I would actually want to try <3
I have seen and heard alot about the pink sands one so that had to be included in my list. 
Yankee candles have such an array of scents, wish I could try it ALL! ^^
I would love to know what yankee candle is your favourite and what would you recommend a first timer?
I am sure that once I try one... I will be back for more ^^

I will not be posting on the 26th since that is the day to SHOP the place down but blogging will commence back on the 27th! I cannot wait to show you my purchases in my future haul posts :)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ikea Haul

I love Ikea, It is a great place to have a loooong walk and shop at the same time, I have been meaning to put this post up for quite some time and now I have finally posted it! (yay)
The first four pictures above were some of the things that I really liked, wish I could of taken a bite out of that gingerbread house...

So after an hour and a half I managed to pick up these goodies ^^
I needed to stock up on the candles since I had none left and I just could not leave Ikea without buying some Daim! Which is pretty delicious if you have not yet tried it! So here's a list of the names & prices of the things that I bought!

1x MÅLA Stamp pens £4
The kid in me will always love stationery so I picked this up so that I could personalise any letters/cards and to add some colour into my scrapbook <3

1x Huge bag of Daim £4+
I definitely needed to buy this, I just love the taste of Daim, quite addictive too. All I remember at home was dropping the bags and ripping this open to start munching on the cutely individual wrapped bars.

1x Rotera lantern for tealight £2
Such a pretty piece for such a cheap price!? How could I not of picked this up? I loved how it looked and there were many colours to choose from. I was attracted to the bright pink for some reason and this looks amazing in the dark since the light is projected out of the star shapes.

2x Tindra scented in glass, rose scent & vanilla scent £0.95 each!!!
Being a candle fanatic I picked these two to try out, I picked the ones that had the most scent in them so fingers crossed these will be good :) It is quite a decent size for under a pound! Again there are so many scents to choose from but since I love sweet/floral scents these came home with me!

3x Tindra scented tealight, apple,berries & tropical fruit £1.50 | 36 tealights in one pack
I needed these for my lantern ^^ and I chose the ones that smelt quite strong, all of these scents are amazing! just like the real thing. You can use these to decorate the room and/or for the lantern too!

What do you like to purchase at Ikea? Comment below!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Cat Treats For Shonu | From Wilko*

Here's a lil post just for the animal lovers & cat ladies out there!
No matter how busy my schedule I really do try to fit in some time with my cat, Just so she feels loved and it can be potential bonding time too! cat lady alert
And what way to bond than to try out some goodies that were sent by Wilko! ^^
Shonu was quite excited about the package... I'll have to admit I was quite excited too.

This is what she received..

1x Cat Flea & dust comb
1x Pet bowl cat drinking saucer
1x Cat toy balls with bells (3 toys in one pack)
1x Good Girl Cat treats multipack

Cat flea & dust comb* - £1.99
This was excellent at removing excess fur, dust and possible flea dirt, since Shonu is a clean cat I am not able to comment on the flea/dirt because nothing was picked up however there was some fur that gathered up and it also made her fur look sleek and well groomed. Such a sturdy comb and this should be an essential for every cat owner.

Pet bowl cat drinking saucer* - £2.75
Shonu definitely needed this because when she gets hyper and runs around I often find spillages and recently she did have a hyper moment and she did not knock the bowl over (phew!) this bowl also keeps the water cool which am sure she will love in the hotter months.

Cat toy balls with bells* - £1.29
I knew that these would be used alot! Shonu has been playing with these types of toys ever since she was a lil kitten and she still loves it! Watching her play with these is hilarious. A very wallet friendly purchase!

Good girl cat treats multipack* - I could not find this on the site to double check the price but i am pretty sure it was only a £1!
What a lovely way to end the hands on review by giving her some treats to say thank you for being in my review lol! I have never given shonu catnip or milkdrops before and so this was interesting. Since she likes cream/chocolate she loved the milkdrops more. Whenever she hears the rustling of the bag she will come running (AWW!) these are so wallet friendly, you get a variety and this is perfect to bond with your furry feline even more!

I definitely recommend all of Wilko's pet range, from food treats to grooming products. The quality is amazing for such a budget friendly price! Check out the Cat range here - link

What is your cat's favourite possession? I would love to know!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Miss Patisserie | Le Pud*

Last night I needed an hour to myself so I naturally went to the bathroom, ran the water and decided what bath bomb to use next, I have accumulated quite a few now and it was ever so hard to decide ^^
After a few minutes I chose Le Pud from Miss Patisserie <3

Product Description:
Le Pud is back for another year due to popular demand. It has a beautiful, elegant fragrance of frankincense and Persian rose. Directions: Drop your pud in a warm bath and relax!

This is such a pretty bath bomb and when I received this along with two other goodies to review I knew that I needed to keep this for a very cold and dull winter's day.
It comes packaged in this very kitsch style box and this makes a perfect last minute gift idea too!

The detailing is amazing for a bath product, from the delicate holly that is placed on top of the pudding to the lightly sprinkled glitter to finish it off, I was in love... with it.

Though it is a Christmas product it did not smell christmassy to me, it was quite an uplifting fragrance which is actually perfect for the dull and colder months.
When I popped this into the tub, the bath bomb sank to the bottom and started fizzing away. It was neither a slow melting bathbomb nor a fast fizzer.

It gave my bath water a beautiful pinky purple tint with lightly sprinkled glitter that floated on the top, this bath water was definitely fit for a princess <3
The scent lingered on until the end and I found this one to be quite heavily scented. I would describe it as a citrus meets floral scent, quite a complex one to actually pin point but it is very far from the traditional sweet/cinnamony scents that are commonly found in christmas products.

There was no need to clean up and I left the bath feeling uplifted and strangely motivated!

Check it out here - £3.90*/link

What is your favourite product from Miss Patisserie?

Friday, 20 December 2013

Goodies From The Lush #Cosmeticstogo Book Launch Event*

So last month I was invited to the #cosmeticstogo event at Lush which you can read about here - link 
It was an amazing event! I loved everything about it.
I wanted to share with you a separate post that is just dedicated to the goody bag that I received.
It was packed full of goodies along with my very own signed copy of the Cosmetics to go book that Mira signed for me :)
I will be reviewing each product separately so keep an eye out for many lush related reviews ^^

The contents of my goody bag  

- Signed copy of the Cosmetics to go book
- The olive branch shower gel 100g
- Angels on bare skin cleanser 100g
- Blackberry bath bomb
- 1x Ho ho ho giftset
- 1x Treats giftset

So what's inside the Treats giftset? | £23.95*

  • 1x From Dusk 'Til Dawn massage bar
  • 1x Vanilla Dee-lite body lotion 100g
  • 1x Gold Fun 100g
  • 1x Gorgeous moisturiser (trial size)
  • 1x Snowcake soap 120g
Product Description..
This gift truly has the Midas touch. The golden-tipped From Dusk 'Till Dawn massage bar, our deliciously creamy and gold dusted Snowcake soap, and our new Gold Fun (scented with Honey I washed The Kids) all glisten and glimmer just waiting to be picked up and used. Our Gorgeous moisturiser will leave your face feeling… well, gorgeous! The giant matchbox shape of this gift is a perfect drawer for keeping all your treats safe and sound. We get the feeling that this box is so tempting that people will be buying it for themselves!

This makes a fantastic gift! Just look at how pretty it is! The product that I was very excited to use first was the gold fun :) I have already made something out of it and you will have to wait for the review to see the lil surprise.
This contains a range of products so if you are like me and you have not tried anything other than bath bombs from Lush than this would be perfect to try out. I also want to point out that this smells AMAAAAZING! 

So what's inside the Ho ho ho giftset? |£9.50*

  • 1x Father Christmas bath bomb
  • 1x Snow Globe soap 120g

  • Product Description..

    Ho Ho Ho is a reworking of a gift from last year whose name, Secret Santa, has now been given to a new bath bomb. We kept this gift as we didn't want to lose the smiling face of Santa from our shelves. This year, we have removed all the glitter from our Father Christmas bath bomb – but don’t worry, with his red and green layers, he still creates the ultimate festive bath. Snow Globe soap is packed with energising lemon myrtle oil to leave you refreshed and uplifted.

    I cannot wait to try out that cute santa bath bomb, it changes the water red and green and I cannot wait to see it in action. The soap is a nice lil addiction to this cute gift set. It smells so uplifting and citrusy! Perfect for those cold dreary winter nights.

    I am so thankful for what I received, I can now try more products and familiarise myself with the brand more.

    What review are you looking forward to?

    Wednesday, 18 December 2013

    Orla Kiely Mini Scented Candle And Diffuser set* | Geranium and Myrrh

    Candles seem to be a popular choice amongst bloggers right now and why not?! Candles are like the best thing ever for cozy nights in!
    I received this Orla Kiely set and I could not wait to see if the scent was something I would like since I have never tried this kind of a scent before.
    This cute lil set would make a perfect gift idea for the scent obsessed friend or as a lil treat for yourself. Either way anyone who receives this will be one happy bunny!

    Since I am more into fruity and sweet scents I wasn't too sure if I would like this but ever since this duo has been sitting on my dresser, I did become more and more fond of the scent.
    Though both products are minis, they both have an amazing amount of scent that does fill the room.
    The candle is made from 100% vegetal wax and the wick happens to be made out of pure cotton, I noticed that this candle burned evenly, unlike others that leaves a big dip so relighting this 3-4 times was really easy.
    The diffuser also had worked quite well, after a short amount of time I could smell the scent everytime I entered into my room.
    I would describe this as a herbal meets comfort scent that is also rich and sweet at the same time. I love this scent!
    There are two sets available, this one and a basil/mint combination if this one does not take your fancy.
    I also love that you get a keepsake box out of this set, the lovely 60s style print would look fab in any room. I have already made use out of mine by storing lil notes and keepsakes in it :)
    This was my first ever experience using Orla Kiely products and believe me I was very far from being disappointed!
    It is pretty good value for money because you are getting two quality products that are each worth around the £25 mark! (for full sizes) and you get a retro print keepsake box out of it too!

    Orla Kiely Geranium and Myrrh Mini Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser Set, £22.95* from

    Tuesday, 17 December 2013

    Primark SS14 Collection | My Top 5 Picks ✔

    Primark SS14 Collection | My Top Picks

    I love big cozy jumpers and this one has an awesome print! I love how the floral print clashes with the tribal print.
    Silky Rose Print Panel Sweatshirt, £8

    I seem to be liking clutches alot at the moment and this elegant piece needs a new home! :p
    Colour Block Envelope Clutch, £8

    It's about time holographic was in fashion! I love how this clutch captures all of the colours! This would look against a monochrome ensemble.
    Holographic Clutch, £8

    These cute flats totally reminds me of primary school! How cute! I also love how fashionable it looks too, gotta snap up a pair!
    Maryjane T-Bar Shoes, £12

    No words to describe this beautiful piece! I LOVE this! This would look lovely on top of some cozy knits! I guess I am into big statement jewellery at the moment.
            Green Gem Necklace, £8

    What are you looking forward to buying from the SS14 collection?