Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 is just another year. Make EACH day count.

Ahh another year, fresh start for nearly everyone and where resolutions are made and kept (hopefully)
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about New years eve. Some go to extreme lengths to celebrate while some have a mellow evening in.
I am not gonna lie, i was once used to be caught up in the new years hype, going to central London to see it happen live but this year i decided to take a back seat and mellow out.
You must be thinking ahh she's missing out on the fireworks, party poppers etc but i realized that i am not going to let just a change in year define who i am and how i want to improve my life.
When we wake up do we even think for a moment that how much we are blessed? we have a roof over our heads, warmth, clothes to wear and it is certain that you are going to be eating 3 meals a day.
Everyday i learn and grow as a person and we should not wait until December 31st of every year to think of some resolutions to act upon. You can make list of things that you can try to achieve in a day, so much can be done. If something is not done or it failed, try again. 

It's all about getting up again and not to be remained seated.

How can there be an assurity that you will be celebrating the next new years eve, everyone knows all the bad things that are happening in the world and we also know life is short and that we shouldn't take it for granted.
So in conclusion i would like to say, if you are distant from your family/friends then reconnect. If you are distant from God then pray and repent. If you have too many possessions then give them to charity. 
Stay safe and stay blessed!!!

*This is strictly my opinion on a life related post, you are also entitled to your own opinion. I just wanted to maybe shed some light on my followers and maybe you can understand my viewpoint too :)

What are your views on NYE? and what are your thoughts on my opinion  I would love to hear your feedback!

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